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Symptoms lot worse since lowering T4 and upping T3


So few months ago got appointment to see endo who agrees with T3 and NDT but was banned from doing so. He agreed to monitor while I self medicate so originally I add 12.mcg of T3 to my 100mcg of levo in the morning. It did work and some symptoms completely vanished but didn't make the huge improvement I was hoping. So then I decided to drop T4 to 50 and take 25mcg of T3 in the morning and things have gotten lot worse. Endo originally wanted me to take 5mcg of T3 3 times a day which was impossible since can only get T3 in 25mcgs

My body temperature all over the place.

Random rashes.

Skin going very pale.

Skin texture feels awful.

My gential area feel and looks worse

I'm feeling sick and dizzy most of the time.

I'm waking up with mucky/gritty feeling eyes.

Legs feel heavy

Brain fog and poor concentration (though this didn't really improve since on t3)

Mood swings (I actually self harmed last week)

Bloated a lot


Couple of times had left side of my body feeling very weird.

The only symptom that has improved since upping is my sleeping. I'm sleeping better and longer. The T3 I use is Mercury Pharma. I don't have blood results. I'm having them done next week.

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Maybe you need to tweak your doses more slowly. I was doing reductions of Levo in 25mcg increments, and increases of T3 in 6.25mcg increments. I can cut Unipharma T3 into quarters easily with a pill cutter.


Why can't you take it 3x daily. It gives a much steadier dose.

I cut my 20mcg tablet into 1/4's with a scalpel. I take 5mcg three times a day at 6am, noon, and 6pm (sublingually) and 100mcg Levo at bedtime, with water on empty stomach.

When I first started on T3 I actually cut 25mcg tablets into 1/8ths. Uni-Pharma 25mcg were slightly easier to cut than 20mcg Mercury Pharma ones

If you have them can you post your most recent levels (with ranges of course) ...

Hypo101 It's just very possible that your system might just like and work better with more T4 and just a small mix of T3 . Either once a day or split 2x/day . You are the only judge of what works the very best for you . Just remember we are all different with different thyroid meds needs . It's NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL . Some thyroid patients do great on T3 only or NDT only some do great with T4 only and some with T4 T3/NDT combo . There are endless ways of dosing . You have to find what works for you BEST .

Best wishes with your next steps .

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