More than 20 trips to restroom last night

I have to drink water and pee all night last night and couldn't sleep one complete hour. This happens to me a few times a week but increase if I take magnesium supplement or food high in magnesium or sodium .. probably all minerals will makes it worse! So depressed not able to sleep well and have to go to work tired. Doctor say my urine sample is normal! I'm 36 years male and take only levo 100mcg in the morning.

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Do you have any blood test results? If so, post them here, with the ranges. 100 mcg levo is only a small dose, you could be under-medicated.

I did increase it to 150 and my T4, T3 increased close to upper range and didn't gain benefits. So, at 100 mcg seems T4, T3 to be stable at mid-range. My question is, does the symptom I described has relation to thyroid?

Could be thyroid, could be adrenals. Are you getting enough salt?

I think so, actually salt makes it worse. If I get more salty foods I will experience excessive thirst/urination.

And you've experimented with that, have you? Or is it just a theory? I ask because you say 'I will', rather than 'I do'.

Sorry for my bad English. Yes, I do get worse with more sodium/ magnesium and yes this is from experience. I feel like my body have difficulty exerting excess minerals!

Have you had your kidneys tested?

I did serum creatinine test

and it was normal. Is there other tests that need to be done?

This will tell you all you need to know about testing kidney function :

Check out Vasopressin. It could be low. Mentioned in the book - Why Isn't my brain working ? - by Datis Kharrazian.

That was my thinking since I have TSH suppressed from my dysfunctional pituitary so I went and tried to replace Vasopressin by taking medication didn't solve the problem. I felt like need to urinate but couldn't and kept awake all night until the effect of the replacement dose went away and then could urinate and relax.

Just a thought have you had your prostrate tested as enlarged prostate can cause increased need to urinate and trouble going.

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound, I think it will cover prostrate. How this is related to minerals/salts .. ?

It's not related to minerals/ salts but think it's a good thing to rule out .

I agree will see.

Hi sorry to but in but have you had yourself tested for diabetes

Hi Tiredmum75 .. Yes glucose always looks normal, I have been tested for glucose tolerance test and glucose went low.

Calcium and parathyroid tests ? Hyperparathyroidism can cause excessive thirst.

lots of good suggestions above.expensive as it may seem,have you tried bottled water?.just the chlorides and additives in tap water can be intermittently high especially in summer to counteract bacteria like cryptosporidium.also the sugar free diluting drinks seem to make us drink and drink and drink and pee and pee and avoid the crap in those.acid fruits can also do it.

You are absolutely right. I was in Europe last year drinking tab water for sometime made me sick. I make sure to drink only clean water. The problem is, my body cannot tolerate even normal amounts of minerals in water or other food/drinks.

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