Reduce to tears!

Saw GP today, am now over medicated!

GP not really interested didn't want to listen.

Apparently I'm heading towards type 2 diabetes.

Was wondering if anyone else with Graves who has had RAI treatment is having sugar level issues??

Feel like I'm slowly having the stuffing knocked out of me. Every time I see a GP or Endo I feel more deflated and angry.

I'm tired of fighting. Tired of trying to make them listen. I work full time in a manual job and I'm now struggling with that. Starting to wonder where the end is.

I'm just too tired.

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I had RAI for Graves many years ago, no sugar level problems.

Thank you for your reply.

Try low carb high fat diet for staving off diabetes. I brought my blood test back from diabetic to below the line within 3 months.

Here's a link about high fat low carb diet for diabetes

Thank you. I have recently changed to gluten free I will have a read up

If you need recipes, check out it's totally free. High fat low carb....

I think there might be a connection between diabetes and thyroid conditions but you haven't got diabetes yet by the sounds of things. You're doing a manual job so clearly getting exercise. Sounds like you could change your diet and avoid getting diabetes. Diabetes UK has information on their website.

Thank you. I will go and have a look. I now eat gluten free and have cut out all complex carbohydrates. Soon I shall be living off of thin air. Lol

low carb, high fat is quite a nice diet as you can eat lovely things like bacon unless you're vegetarian of course.

That's a bonus a adore over done crispy bacon

Apparently, prediabetes is associated with low vitamin D plus insufficient omega 3s. I don't have a link to the studies, as I was reading on PAPER! So if you go low carb, make sure you get enough vit D and omega 3s. Just good vitamin D is apparently not enough, you need the omega 3s as well.

Thank you I shall have a read. I already take high dose vitamin D. Will investigate omega 3.

Vit D (I take natures answer D3 drops - so easy 2000 iu per drop, amazon, bottle lasts 12 months or more) studies/grass roots vit D research council and with Dr Hollis (check his you tube video on D has resaerched vit D for 30yrs) show now should be taken every day unless get the high sun that day - fascinating. There is a difference between 25OHD which is measured in the blood/stored that is why it can be measured which is essential for bone health/teeth. And plain old D which is absorbed/diffused directly into cells before it can be converted to 25OHD or 125D by the liver and it only has a 24hr half life as they call it. Once in cells, is used up immediately and cannot get back out again into circulation. This is the type of D that affects immune health and autoimmune, fights cancer, colds etc etc any illness. So you need to get D into system every day. Dr Hollis takes 4000 iu every day. I thought fascinating.

Vit D council are also doing research /recent results re omega 3 fatty acids and D together. I will see if I can find and post.

I take Ocean's Alive (marine phytoplankton) for omega 3 s (as so much contoversy over the stabilisation and oxidisation of the fish oils/krill, even the fermented oils now) Oceans Alive also provides full spectrum of minerals we need in a natural living plant source - we weren't supposed to digest rock (found in mineral supplements) the plants do that for us, we evolved to eat the plants. Which is why I was drawn to in the first place, looking for a comprehensive mineral supplement. Also contains a natural (obviously) form of CoQ10 another bonus (as the heart is affected by thyroid issues)

The main focus of why people take Ocean's Alive is brain health - so a bonus

I first heard of on a functional doctor's/scientists summit of interviews. And many func docs take-so that's good enough for me.

Google: Wellness Mama with Ocean's Alive, quite a good article about and video info.

Also I take powdered New Zealand Green lipped mussel powder in a capsule for omega 3. Whether that's a great idea or not, I don't know - swayed by the blurb. But at least powdered mussel so can't see the harm and no oxidation as not in oil. If you look into, I would appreciate your feed back thoughts :)

But one thing is a must. If you take vit D you must take vit K2. K2 is the co factor for enzyme MGP activation, to ensure calcium (which D grabs on to and so you absorb far more calcium if sufficient D from whatever source)

To ensure calcium is escorted to bones and teeth or it will gravitate to soft tissue/vessels/arteries and muscles. Heart is a muscle, hardening of the arteries! to the heart and vessels to brain. K2 is a fat sol vitamin it is not K1 and is not involved in clotting. Read Kate Rheaume Bleue's book, 'Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox' 'a little known vitamin that could save your life'

You tube video lectures too. Worth getting the book though

K2 wasn't discovered as separate from K1 until the 1990's so don't expect your GP to have a clue! x

link vit D info Snoddyoddbod. Scroll down to references too as video /research paper links

A link to Grassroots research omega 3's

Just curious - and as it haven't been asked yet - what are your most recent lab results? The usual: FT3, FT4, TSH plus ferritin, Folate, b12 and D3, etc. PS: just checked your post from 2 months ago - your TSH was very elevated then at 9.28, and T3 pretty low. Clutter pointed out your low B12 deficiency then also. Do you mean to say you are over medicated now!? I find that hard to believe - so please do post your current lab results to throw some light on this OK! Something just doesn't sound right.

An excellent source of information for diabetes is this site :

It is a patient-run site with over half a million members, it has a forum :

and it has loads of information on healthy eating for diabetes :

You have to register to see their low carb diet info in the above link (and you don't have to have diabetes to join), but its free. It also includes loads of free recipe books (PDF files to download)

Good advice, thats a terrific website Humanbean. I've got Graves Disease, I'm in remission at the moment, I became T2 a couple of years ago when I was given steroids for RA.

First of all I discovered a book called Reverse your T2 Diabetes by Dr David Cavan, I read that then bought a blood glucose meter, kept a record of everything I ate and basically ate my way out of T2D. It tells you how to do it in the book but basically I tested before and two hours after every meal, jot down what I ate then I elimated anything that spiked my blood sugars. It was as simple as that

At the same time I I discovered the site Humanbean has told you about and signed up for their six week online course - free. I've got a Fitbit and aim for 10000 steps as many days of the week as I can.

Dr Moseley's book is good too but I was using David Cavan's book first. I prefer Michael Moseley's recipe book though.

Make sure your ferritin, folate, vitamin D and B 12 are well up in their ranges, I test my own bloods privately, I use a home fingerprick Thyroid eleven blood test from Blue Horizons, far easier than pleading with my doctors for the tests I wanted.

Eat well, I cut out all junk food. I also went totally gluten free to reduce my thyroid antibodies (it worked!) so I tend not to eat bread because I don't particularly like GF bread and I get my carbs from other sources, the videos on will tell you how to do that. I hardly ever eat cakes and biscuits and I don't drink fizzy drinks either, not even Prosecco, my favourite fizzy drink.

Like you once I started working on reducing my blood sugar I felt really mad with my doctors and the diabetes 'establishment' All the things they were pushing like carbs with every meal were the very things that were raising my blood sugar. If I'd left it to them I would still be diabetic, so do some research and take your health In your own hands. Loads of people are doing that successfully. Just doing it and succeeding will make you feel good.

What Thyroid supplement have the got you on since RAI treatment.


A friend, a nurse and her husband, reversed diabetes 2 by following Dr Michael Moseley's "The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet".

I'm not sure if you have one or both copies of the faulty DIO2 gene, but if you do then it is associated with both poor thyroid conversion of T4 to T3 and insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes. My endo drew the connection, I am on T3 and about to start metformin to holt the progression towards diabetes.

The 5:2 diet is supposed to be good for blood sugar levels. Nottingham (?) University reversed type 2 diabetes with fasting. (Not recommended unless under medical supervision.)

Hey, just wanted to send you a hug - yes, you are so right - where is the after care for graves patients post rai uptake - I received nothing - 13 years now since ablation - now I've found this site am reading and learning so that I will be able to help myself as far as I can - am seeing an endo next month after 4 years of battles with doctor - it's infuriating - the disease is said to be stress related - so in most cases we are ultimately self perpetuating our own demise with the help of the doctor !

Doctors looking at a TSH might as well be doing a suduko for all it tells them about us. Fortunately for me I was able to take early retirement when diagnosed - have tried going back but get too frazzled over ridiculous things - guessing you know that feeling -

am not medically qualified but haven't had any sugar issues so far -

This sunshine and heat does make all my symptoms 10 times worse - live with the blinds down and don't go out when the 'normal ' people celebrate the weather and sit in the sun !

Please try and keep calm, the weather will go, the heightened symptoms fall, read, educate yourself - that's what I'm saying to myself -

Best wishes

I just started this diet, by Dr Michael Moseley. It couldn't be easier and you don't get hungry. Loads of great reviews on Amazon:

The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet: Lose weight fast and reprogramme your body

I have bought the book and have started reading

I'm eating as I should I already. Just need to refine it a little

Thank you for the advice

You're very welcome. I was getting desperate myself, as none of the diets I've done in the past were working any more. I've lost eight pounds in a week. Just be careful to weigh things and not guess and I'm sure you'll do great. I recommend the Fat Secret app to help you keep track - it's free. I don't bother with the recipes. Last night's dinner was fried chicken with asparagus and a tarragon cream sauce. Breakfast was Yeo Valley full fat yoghurt and strawberries. You can do this! 😊

Is it calorie counter by fat secret ?

Yes. The logo is a green keyhole. It says calorie counter and diet tracker.

There's a great forum for the Blood Sugar Diet too. You'll get loads of support from people in the same situation as you.

Thank you.

I will definitely download the app and have a look

Thank you for the advice. It's great to know I'm not the only one in the boat!

Hi snoddy odbod - I know from experience that diabetes can follow later on in life after

Graves disease - have had type 2 for thirty years and have found that cuts mean that

people don't monitor their blood sugar enough as kits are'nt supplied on nhs.

You can buy a kit online or in your chemist and test yourself.

Low fat diets are recommended as raised chloresterol is associated with high blood

sugar. Have found sugar free tonics beers and alcohol, can convert to glucose in the liver

and can affect your blood sugar. If you eat too much dairy or too much fruit again your blood

sugar can rise without you knowing unless you test yourself.

Latest research suggests that vitamin a deficiency can trigger type 2 diabetes. Whether it is

because some people can't absorb the vitamin or whether it is a diaetary factor, I don't know.

Websites such as medical doctor - with questions asked through bing - does vitamin a deficiency

cause type 2 diabetes, will bring up loads of info. Wikapaedia has info on vitamin a sources

to prevent you from developing a deficiency in foods. Carrots and apricots are a few fruit which

contain vitamin a. To reassure yourself you could buy a diabetes test kit, and see if your

blood sugar is within normal limits. I did this with my husband and daughter who has a thyroid

disease, and she was thrilled to find out she did not take after me with diabetes. She is in her

late forties!

Most likely you will find your blood sugar is ok. If it is between 6-7 you are ok. If it is higher

than that then you should watch out and get proper testing. Cant' think why your doctor sent you away without testing your blood sugar.

Hi thank you for all the info.

My sugar level is at 6.1 I'm eating all the right foods and doing all the right things

I will look into getting a monitor. It's a good idea.

It was more of the annoyance of having another medical issue flung on my plate.

I'm sure some people have only saucer size issues and others like me have a large dinner plate full. Then of course some people, bless them have meat platters!!

Does your doctor need a course in bedside manner? Cheers.

I've seen him in the past and he's been fine. All the other gps in my surgery have been great in the past.

It's almost as if they see Graves' disease on your note and they switch to let be as unhelpful and horrible mode.

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