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Help needed please

Just got back from seeing an endocrinologist!! Bed side manner nil not a pleasant experience. He will not let me try T3 because it does not work and is so expensive -his words. However he will let me try NDT So while he sorts out a dosage to start me on I need to find an online pharmacy to buy it from. Anyone who can give me advice I would be very grateful.


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Judy - I think a lot of endos are pigs, certainly the one I saw was and not an experience I am willing to repeat. But well done on getting a prescription for NDT. If you are having to buy this yourself, I understand it can be very expensive and Thai NDT without prescription is much more affordable.

Here is ThyroidUK's information about obtaining NDT with a prescription


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The doctor said he think about 25 pounds a month. Its worth it if it makes me feel better than I do now.


You could ring around the pharmacies and compare prices :)


Yes I'm not so worried about the price as finding a good pharmacy that sells a good safe product


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