Why our gp.s so not understanding !!!

Was put on a 20 mg dose of liothyronine as well as my usual dose of levothyroxine of a 100mg by my consultant at fairfield hospital because last three years i have put five stone of weight on my hair falls out i have depression i have leg an muscle pain and pain he my feet become forgetful and other symptoms ...however i felt worse after taking liothyronine i had pain almost everywere neck stiffness fatigue and insomnia ...soy consultant prescribed me armour thyroid and my gp has refused to give me it on private prescription that i would pay for cos drug is blacklisted but seen people on tjis site doing realy well.on.it .anyone no a gp who can help if not can i self medicate and any decent supplles ...feelng realy down ugly and horrible within myself and often sit there thinkin is life always gonna be like this broke down earlier cos just wanna feel well happy and normal not sluggish fat tired and old ...my weight stayed stable on levothyroxine for yrs after cancer so think levothyroxine have stopped working any help would be great x

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  • Have a chat with your local pharmacist. He/she will know if any of the GPs are prescribing it.

  • Nylarae, NDT isn't licensed for UK use which is why your GP won't prescribe it. Armour is also the most expensive brand of NDT, so you might consider NatureThroid, WP or Erfa, or the Thai Thyroid-S and Thiroyd.

    Can you post recent thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) so we can see whether you are optimally medicated?

    It may also be worth asking your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as low/deficient levels are common in hypothyroid patients and can cause hairloss, musculoskeletal pain and fatigue like hypothyroid symptoms.

  • Armour and other NDTs (natural dessicated thyroid) can be prescribed on the NHS but on what is called a 'named patient basis.' This means the doctor takes responsibility if the patient has a problem as a result. Some GPs are very willing to prescribe especially if a consultant has recommended it as they feel if there is a problem it will be the consultant who will take the hit!

    I would as a first course of action talk to your consultant about the GPs response -it maybe he will prescribe via the hospital (some do) or will give you a white prescription meaning you have to pay for it but can purchase in this country -thyroid UK have a list of suppliers. If that doesn't work I would write to your practise manager requesting it with a copy of the consultants letter. They will have to formally write back. Falling that yes ask at local pharmacies to find out who prescribes and then write to their practise managers about t it requesting NDT if you move to their surgery.

    Am so sorry just as you are feeling so poorly you have to do this leg work to get what you need....not easy. Big hugs x

  • Thankyou been bk in touch with consultant as gp said no doctor will prescribe its not them its the ccg and guildlines our there to be followed its all duch a mess xx

  • Complain to your CCG. List of CCGs:


    And always remember that GPs are well-represented on CCGs so for one GP to blame the CCG is actually very much blaming other GPs.

    Guidelines are not trainlines. It is permissible to step outside them! Guidelines are intended to help with the usual cases but there is nothing on the planet that forces the disease of each and every patient to conform to those guidelines. Some cases simply fall outside the existing guidelines and require GPs (and others) to do what is needed.

  • I was prescibed NDT on a 'named patient basis'. It is not 'blacklisted' but more expensive than T4 and not so well known. I am now on T3 only and buy this privately as my GP stopped my prescription, probably because of cost.

  • If you don't process the levo and it makes a high reverse t3, it will block the action of the t3 that you use. Reverse t3 is like putting the breaks on your metabolism..which seems to be what is happening to you. Do you have any labs to post?

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