Blood results

Blood results

So these are totally normal....(confused as to why I feel like this)


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  • Well, they're in range. I don't know how 'normal' they are. Your FT3 is below mid-range, so that's probably too low for you, and you need a dose increase.

  • I'm not on any medication besides iron tablets. My GP only ran TSH, which came back as 0.35 (which until recently was borderline as far as I can tell?)

  • OK, well, that changes everything. Your labs are euthyroid - which is a better word than 'normal'. I don't know why doctors don't use it...

  • I really wish Medichecks would use black ink, that grey is so pale it's hard to read on my tablet.

    You don't say if you're diagnosed Hypo and on any meds so it's hard to comment on your thyroid results.

    However, trying to decipher your nutrients then it looks as though your levels are not optimal. B12 under 500 can cause neurological problems, recommended level is top of range, folate should be at least half way through range, ferritin half way through range and Vit D is recommended to be 100-150nmol/L according to the Vit D Council.

    You don't say how you're feeling so no idea if the low nutrient levels are involved in that.

  • I have the same reaction to grey ink as you, SeasideSusie. And it has got more and more widespread too. :(

  • I feel like total shite! I have fatigue whereby my whole body hurts, memory loss, can't speak and have to go to bed for days sometimes. Terrible brain fog, constant eye twitch, hardened prominant lymph nodes in my neck, breathlessness, rapid weight gain of 3 stone. A weirdly hard vein in right side of my neck, muscle weakness and pain, joint pain, rosacea....umm, that might be it

  • Because they aren't normal for YOU. Tell your doctor you think you need a FT4 higher and maybe one of those people who would normally be at 22. Why doctors want to keep people barely within range is beyond ridiculous. You obviously need to work on everything listed but, bravo, on your CRP and the antibodies. Maybe you don't have Hashimoto's. This man has some short videos on 20 reasons for Low Thyroid and many of them are not due to Hashimoto's but adrenal problems or estrogen/testosterone and other deficiencies. You may want to watch all 20 of them (five mins. each) and see if something resonates.

    Click on you tube after seeing this one about cortisol which may actually be your issue.

  • Thanks for this, I will watch them tomorrow.

    I forgot, I ordered Cortisol...they haven't reported that

  • No, I am not diagnosed, sorry should have said that.

    My quality of life is craps. Barely managing to work and take care of kids. Do zero socialising or anything else

    My back and neck hurt also

  • Tangawizi - I think your B12 is in the 200s. Check out these signs and symptoms of B12 Deficiency

    And watch this first film on this page

    See if anything clicks.

    You could then take your B12, folate and ferritin results, plus any signs from the B12 Deficiency list, and post them on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked for advice


    Your ferritin is about 27 I think. This needs to be half way through the range and I've seen it said 100-130 for females. And as it's so low I would ask for an iron panel, full blood count and Haemoglobin test to see if there is any anaemia.


    I can't make out Vit D but can see it's double figures. The recommended level is 100-150nmol/L according to the Vit D Council. If you say what your level is I will be happy to suggest what level of supplement will help and advise about the cofactors needed when taking D3.

  • Thanks, I would appreciate your opinion. I will write out the results here so that they can be read.

    I also have my NHS results with FBC etc. There are comments about pernicious anaemia from the lab. But GP didn't mention it, so I thought it wasn't relevant (what IS pernicious anaemia?)

    TSH=0.443 (0.27-4.20)

    Free Thyroxine=15.67 (12.0-22.0)

    T4=86.1 (59-154)

    Free T3=4.21 (3.10-6.80)

    Thyroglobulin AB<10

    Peroxidase AB=7.74

    Vit B12=264 (140-724)

    Folate=9.01 (2.91-50)

    25 OH Vit D=82.1 (50-200)

    CRP=1 (0-5)

    Ferritin=27.39 (13-150)

  • Also, I forgot this...I started taking a B12 supplement, when I was prescribed iron tablets (I can't remember why; did I read that B12 optimises iron uptake??) So these results are after a month of iron and B12 supplementation

  • Tangawizi - advice about posting on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum still stands. Tell them about the lab's comments about Pernicious Anaemia. They will explain what it is. If PA has been confirmed I think you need B12 injections. They are the experts and will be able to offer guidance.


    Ferritin=27.39 (13-150)

    What are the full blood count results? Iron panel? Haemoglobin?

    You haven't mentioned that you take iron tablets before. Are they prescribed? What for and what dose?

    Take each iron tablet with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation.


    25 OH Vit D=82.1 (50-200)

    The recommended level is 100-150nmol/L according to the Vit D Council.

    Your level isn't bad but personally I would boost it up to the recommended level by taking 2000iu D3 daily and ensure you take D3's important cofactors -

    You can buy combination D3/K2 supplements and you can see which magnesium would suit you best here

    Check out the other cofactors too.


    A lot of your symptoms will be due to the apparent Pernicious Anaemia and your low ferritin and possible iron anaemia so you need to get treatment sorted.

    If your GP has ignored the comments from the lab about Pernicious Anaemia and you do, in fact, have it, I would seriously consider making a formal complaint. If you have watched that film I linked to you will understand why!

  • Sorry, I have been very disjointed haven't I

    So, after the GP ran the blood tests a month ago, she prescribed iron tablets. I decided to take b12 as well but can't remember why (memory has become a big problem for me)

    I am not sure the comment from the lab about PA is suggesting I have PA. It may be a standard clause? I don't understand it tbh...I have copied it below; what do you make of it?

    I also think my WBCs are low?

  • Hmm...can't work out how to attach a photo now...

  • You can only post ONE image in each thread. And that you have done on the original post (the only place you can).

    Regarding your question about Pernicious Anaemia, have a look here:


  • Oh. I have very many of those symptoms...I am also unsteady, bump into things, tinnitus, rosacea, short tempered and irritable, crave solitude and silence. But brain fog is my worst. I feel like I've been on a bad acid trip and totally forget whole conversations/days. I noticed as well, whilst I was staying away from home..I was working in an unfamiliar building. When I went to the toilet, after I came out I could not orientated myself/retrace my steps/had no memory of how I had got to the lav. And TIREDNESS!!!

  • Total white cell count 4.97 (4-11)

    RBC count 4.21 (3.8-5.3)

    Haemoglobin=113 (120-150)

    Haematocrit=0.356 (0.37-0.45)

    MCV=84.6 (83-100)

    MCH=26.8 (27-32)

    MCHC=317 (310-350)

    Platelets=373 (150-450)

    Neutrophils=2.36 (1.50-8)

    Lymphocytes=2.09 (1-4)

    Monocytes=0.38 (0.2-1.0)

    Eosinophil=0.1 (0-0.5)

    Basophil=0.04 (0-0.20)

    Positive EBV, occurring more than 8 weeks ago

    Folate=6.24 (2.5-19.5)

    Ferritin=7.7 (15-150)

    B12=393.8 (180-900) on rare occasions, high titre intrinsic factor antibody in pernicious anaemia may interfere with the assay of serum B12 and give a spurious normal result. Please discuss with lab if clinical and haematological features strongly suggest PA and a normal serum B12 is reported

    TSH=0.35 (0.27-4.20)


  • Haemoglobin=113 (120-150)

    Haematocrit=0.356 (0.37-0.45)

    I'm not particularly good with iron results so googled and this apparently indicates anaemia. So have you been prescribed iron tablets and how much?


    Ferritin=7.7 (15-150)

    This is ridiculously low, a very valid reason for feeling so unwell. An iron infusion would be a good idea. Ask about it.


    Positive EBV can indicate glandular fever. You need to talk to your GP about this. This can be why you've been feeling so ill.


    B12=393.8 (180-900) on rare occasions, high titre intrinsic factor antibody in pernicious anaemia may interfere with the assay of serum B12 and give a spurious normal result. Please discuss with lab if clinical and haematological features strongly suggest PA and a normal serum B12 is reported

    Go and discuss this on the PA forum as suggested.


    Nothing else in your results particularly stands it as far as I can see.



    Sorry, no idea about this.


    You have so much going on here that can be attributed to you feeling the way you do.

    Read through replies, make notes, get advice from the PA forum, discuss all these problems with your GP.

  • Thanks. The glandular fever was determined to be in the past...I was unaware at the time I had it, so don't know when...but the test rules out the past 2 months

  • Hi Tangawizi - please read my post below - to Cazzie91

    I tried to copy it but couldnt as I had you in mind too. HUGS & all good to you😊🌺

  • I had similar results to you, and i was diagnosed with a b12 def, my mum has PA and i have it undiagnosed. I have exactly the same symptoms as you, i am now on injections. Ask your GP for b12 i jections. Tablets will not sort out your neourlogic symptoms. Like you i thought i had an underactive thyroid but it was b12!!

    Look at my previous posts, i have:

    Swollen lymph nodes

    Weight gain



    Balance problems


    Tierd all the time

    Completelt drained


    Muscle pain

    These are all symptoms if b12. All i cann suggest is please do not supplement before getting a diagnoses, as my doctors have really f***ed me over and i had to go private

  • Hello, try adding more vitC in your diet- food ( oranges/red pepper/chestnuts for example) as the body uses it for many functions & aids adrenals which no matter which is your most pressing ail , it helps!!

    I had horrific brain fog at the beginning of my Hashimotos voyage - I also had lived the standard American diet in my 20's- 40 w low fat diet --- which was basically living on all white carbs. Bread crackers popcorn cookies etc.that helps let candida ( yeast) get out of hand in the body/gut.

    Conventional medicine doesn't recognize subtle symptoms( despite being wicked difficult - brain fog) & I had no female problems "down there "either , so I took matters in my own hands.

    Complained of "yeast infection" despite none & was given 2 pill dose - taken 3 days apart- of Diflucan. It was day &night after my first dose. BINGO. Mind you some people say it potemtially hurt thyroid ( fluoride) but the ability to think straight was so worth it!!! Afterwards, Radically reduced sugar and all foods that convert to sugar. Gluten and dairy free. Lots of veggies lightly steamed sometimes sparingly raw. Some animal protein & some fruit & my thyroid symptoms improved. The cleaner I eat the better I feel. If I cheat and I have bread pasta etc. not only do I feel it but weight climbs rapidly... All the best!! HUGS😊

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