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Does Hashi cause stomach pain, bloating and diarrhoea?

Sorry if some of this is a bit eww!

Still waiting for my Endo referral and diagnosis but I thought Hypothyroid caused constipation. I don't get constipated too often due to having a high fibre diet. Last night was the total opposite in fact. I had really, really bad stomach pain when I went to bed, my stomach felt tight and inflated with bubbling and pain/cramps kept rolling in waves. Above and bellow my belly button felt tight and tender to the touch. I kept going to the loo to try to releive the pressure but couldn't 'go'. It kept me awake for hours and at one point I felt a bit acidic too. I got up this morning and had diarrhoea.

Is this something that happens with Hashi?

I phoned my GP office to ask if it might be the blood pressure tablets that I started 4 days ago maybe (Losartan Pottasium) but the receptionist said I have to wait and call back this afternoon to see what the doctor said. Thanks.

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Hmm.. called them back and now they want a stool sample. 😧😷


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