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Is there a link between thyroid and adrenals? E.g. Low cortisol low tsh is it a thing or am I odd! Lol

Had biopsy today on thyroid nodule tsh 0.1 9am cortisol 260

Synacthen pass

310 raised to 529 (so not great just passed it)

Low folate Now corrected with folic acid over last 6 months

Loads of vague symptoms memory loss massive problem as is dizziness nausea and headaches

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There can be a connection between low cortisol and low TSH. There are several types of adrenal insufficiency :

Damage to the pituitary and/or the hypothlamus could lead to adrenal insufficiency (low cortisol) and central hypothyroidism (low TSH, low Free T4, low Free T3).

There are various causes for low TSH listed in this post from another forum - the pituitary, the hypothalamus, and cortisol get several mentions :




I think there can be. I have low cortisol and low TSH with secondary hypo.

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Thanks had biopsy on Monday just nervously awaiting results and trying to second guess the outcome 🙈


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