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Hashimoto anxiety

hi I was diagnosed a year ago. last few weeks I have been feeling totally exhausted depressed and a lot of anxiety not wanting to mix with people or do school runs etc. Doc did my bloods and increased my eltroxin to 50 and quadrupled my vit D tablet bringing it to max. There has been a little improvement but I am still very anxious anyone give me ideas what to do as hate feelin like this please

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Get hold of your results, find out what your doctor is testing. He has been neglecting you, leaving you on 25 mcg for a whole year! 50 is the normal starting dose, to be increased after six weeks! So, make sure you get retested six weeks after starting the 50 mcg.

There's not very much you can do, but wait, I'm afraid. These things take a lot of time to resolve.


Th yu I will do that. Tanx for the advice 😀


You're welcome. :)


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