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Update on is this normal

Hello and thanks you to everyone who replied to my posts and tried to help. I've been to the doctors today and predictably got no where. this is a lovely doctor I've seen before they where recording the sessions .so here's what I was told

Virus chest clear bp perfect no temperature oxygen intake good as is heart.

I have a particularly bad virus that lasts 3 weeks or more.

Thyroid nodules - cyst nothing to worry about but as I haven't seen anyone about it he will right to them (someone) to see if I need a fna.

He's going to check up on my referral to the neurological

Bloods the sudden rise ...he isn't worried but doesn't know what caused it and won't 're check bloods in 2 months he wasn't worried about the original B12 legal 152 in a range of 152-1000 even though I was sympathetic.

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Have you posted your situation and the two test results with dates on the pernicious anaemia society part of healthunlocked?

They have more knowledge on vitamin B12 and folate so could give you some clues on why your results increased like that.


Thanks bluebug I'm not sure I'll check I think I posted situation and written results but couldn't post photo's


Bluebug I've checked yes had posted and have had another try to post photos of my results but it seems you're only allowed to post one photo unless I'm doing something wrong


You can only post one photo at a time.

If you have 2 photos of results easiest thing to do is to start a new thread and put the first photo giving the thread a title something like "PL results 1/2" . Then start another thread and post the second photo giving the thread a title like "PL results 2/2" That way it is clear you have 2 lists of results to look at.

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