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Tell me about you

Ok most of you will probably won't take me to seriously or may think I'm not very bright but truth is im a investigator by heart. I can't help it im driven to find answers and figure things out. Soooo , anyone willing to tell me a little about themself would be appreciated. I'm trying to find similarities in people with thyroid disorder. Stuff like if they lived near a certain kind chemical plant, if they have fillings in the teeth, if they had parents that used drugs, ect, ect. I know i most likely won't come to any conclusions but jt might help me as with others with the daily struggles we go through. Let me pre thankyou in advance to anyone willing g to find the time to share, and if I come accross something significant I will definitely let everyone know thanks

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Conceived a year after the Windscale fire

Lived in Derbyshire as a child

Stopped smoking and thyroid problem presented

Smoked cannabis/did other proscribed drugs from age c20 -50

Had a high powered and stressful career in the City

It's all very well asking ppl to share their stories but you haven't completed your profile, which may make members wary. I couldn't give a flying fig :D


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