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Help topiromate maybe?

Hi i was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2015 after years of misdiagnosis!

Since then been taking 175mg levothyroxine, 10 liothronine, 75 topiromate, b12 and eaten gluten free. My blood pressure dropped to normal, lost weight and symptoms almost disappeared for 18 months. Happy days.

All of a sudden my symptoms are returning my legs are like lead, aches and pains in joints back, migraines are unreal and generally feeling awful. Gained 22lb in 3 months

Go said levels are fine... seeing different one again today to get actual results.

Does anyone else take same mix of meds and had similar problems? I wonder if it's the topiromate that my body got used to?

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Thyroid dysfunction tends to get progressively worse so you may need a dose increase.

The goal of Levothyroxine is to restore the patient to euthyroid status. For most patients that will be when TSH is 0.4 - 1.0 with FT4 in the upper range. FT4 needs to be in the upper range in order that sufficient T3 is converted. Read Treatment Options in

When you get the results and ranges post them in a new question for advice.


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