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Intolerance to thyroxine

I have an intolerance to thyroxine having tried both T4 (many different doses over the period of a year) and T3 which made me feel just as bad.

I have taken no medication since September but am suffering with all the usual symptoms and am desperate to find a solution.

Can anyone recommend a really good endocrinologist who is prepared to prescribe NDT in London - or elsewhere if necessary as I am happy to travel to get myself sorted and feeling well again.

Look forward to hearing.

Many thanks.

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I don't know of any personally but if you email she can send you a list of thyroid friendly endos/doctors. You could ring and ask if they are happy to prescribe NDT.

If you can't get it prescribed on the NHS (hard but maybe not impossible), then you might be able to get a private prescription but be aware that it will be expensive, Armour being the most expensive brand. Non-prescription Thai NDTs are much more affordable and many people do well on them.


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