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MY Dr.wants me to,stay within the range

I have been on 50gcm for a couple,of,months..TSH 1.78 and T4 15.9. She has known me for a good few years, and she said as I am 81 and feel well and she would be concerned that changing the dose might be more dangerous for increasing or starting a heart problem..

I will be having further blood test for my annual cholestral and one or two,other I think maybe I should go,with her judgement..she didn't refuse but just advised me that was her opinion.

So that's the latest comment I can convey.

HAther 😊

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If you feel well with TSH 1.78 that's fine. If you don't, then you could point out that 0.35 - 1.0 is also within range and you may feel better there. 50/75mcg alternate days is worth considering.


Thank you Clutter for replying.. I will bear your comments in mind, but she thinks it may be unwise to change as generally I am ok after my cholestral blood,test,I,will ask,for a full print out of,that and the Hypo one as well.



As long as you feel well there is no need to increase dose.

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