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Adrenanvive II and weight loss


has anybody been able to lose weight on Adrenanvive?

I was prescribed it for low cortisol but not seeing any results in terms of weight loss. I do feel alot better though

Also i think may basal temperature has lowrered since being on this supplement. Ive had had my lowest reading today which was 36.1C

Any help appreciated

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The following is a link I've just read and I doubt it reduces weight.

What increases weight is hypothyroidism and we have to be on an optimum dose of levo or combination to raise our metabolism high enough in order for us to reduce weight.

If you've had a recent blood test post your results with the ranges for comments.

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Hi, Shaws. There may be a little confusion here... There are two products with very similar names. One is called, Adrenavive II. The other, that you refer to is called, AdrenEvive. The former is an active agent containing only Bovine Adrenal Cortex. The latter is a bunch of herbs and is probably not much good. Wanderlust's question refers to the active agent, Adrenavive II :-)

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Thats the one :)

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