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So I know in the grand scale of things today It seems I have another problem Im prescribed 250mg thyroxine and my Rheumatoid drugs are Sulp. + Hydro. Starting Mxt in 2 monthes. I suspect the anaemia l have is Autoimmune its creepinh up but slowly My hairline is receding fairly quickly as is my hair thinning quite bad. When I was young (18)I had alopecia it was then I was told l had thyroid antibodies but nothing else couple of yrs it came back. Does anybody know a good txt shampoo or txt there's so much now out there I remember being giving betnovate!!! 1976😲 Its just the last straw what more can thid greedy disease take???


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I'm sorry you've had no replies, MintyChristine. Feel free to repost your question.


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