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Hello all, can anyone give me some information regarding this medication, I have been prescribed it but a simple google search shows up that it can lead to permanent eye damage [admittedly this is rare] but it is extremely scary to think that taking this medication could leave me worse off than I am now. I am hypothyroid 100mg with what am I told is connective tissue disease. What I am worried about is everytime I go to Doctor they prescribe a new medication, that's good I hear you say but they never take any of the others away. Currently I am taking Thyroxine, Duloxetine, Mebeverine, Naproxen, Omeprazole. At the moment I feel terrible, nothing seems to be working for me but I don't want to take a drug that could leave me worse off. Thanks Tom

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Ring the Arthritis Research UK helpline for advice about hydroxychloroquine

Perhaps you could ask for a medication review to see whether some of the medication you are taking can be exchanged for something different which may be more effective or even whether some of the medication can be discontinued.


Thanks for the link clutter, I will call Arthritis research, I will also hold off taking the medicine until I know more about it. I am looking to reduce some or all of my meds as I am at the stage whereby I am thinking the cure is becoming worse than the condition. Tom


It might also be worth asking this question on the NRAS forum here on Health Unlocked too, Tom. They're a rheumatoid arthritis forum, and many people there (with RA and other connective tissue disorders) are on this med. They may be able to tell you more about it.


Sorry~ thought I replied the other day! I'm techno incompetent I'm afraid. I too had this exact dilemma some years ago and while I can't advise on your personal condition and medication, I also had a list of meds as long as your arm and felt worse than ever! I felt very pressurised into trying it by the rheumatologist and became suspicious of all the forms and something to sign that read a bit like a disclaimer! I did manage to speak to 2 women who had tried it (for Sjogrens) and one said she had noticed a slight improvement in symptoms the other said not. Neither had eye problems but one knew someone who had and had to stop, although I have no details on that. I think at that time they were trailing it, judging by rheumos reaction to me not taking it ~ he was furious! I was made to feel really ungrateful and difficult and he was very rude ~ I decided to stop seeing him soon after that as he became totally disinterested in my condition. However, things may have moved on since then and maybe lots more info out there ~ I hope you find your answer ~ bit like Russian roulette though isn't it? I would definitely get a review of all your meds though if you feel they're not really helping ~ Drs will keep throwing them at you regardless of their worth ~ research and assess for yourself ~ at least we have this great site for advice ~ good luck!


Hello Mamapea, thanks for your reply. I know exactly what you are saying regards rheumo doctor, I felt like I didn't really have a choice whether I would take Hydroxychloroquine it was just assumed by the doctor that I would. I did ask whether it would affect the other drugs I was taking the doc just said she didn't think it would and to carry on taking them. I am going to cut down on meds and see how I go, there comes a point where you say to yourself I have to try something different. I agree with you on the benefits of this website, so helpful, anyway good luck to you. Tom


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