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Morning Cortisol

Hey guys

Just a quick check as really don't have a clue about cortisol blood tests lol. My mum's serum cortisol came back as:

CORTISOL 298.600 nmol/l 133.00 -537.00

She did the test early in the morning at about 8am. From a quick read this is in normal range but I know accepted normal ranges are often not optimal so just thought I'd double check with you guys.

THanks :-)

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That's a good result - she's about in the middle of the range. Why did she have the test done?


Good - this is literally the first test that's come back okay then lol. I just added it on as cheap on thryoid thursday as figured her adrenals would be off as living off adrenaline for most her life lol :-/


Your mum should do the adrenal saliva test. It's on offer by medichecks at the moment.

The cortisol blood test doesn't tell you anything about what's going on at cellular level!! It's like relying on tsh tests instead of testing t4 and T3!

My early morning cortisol blood test was 330, so slightly higher than your mum's. I just had my second saliva test 2 weeks ago and my cortisol was virtually non-existent. The drs comments said I am at stage 3 adrenal failure.

Try Dr Eric Berg's book, "Adrenal Fatigue, Understanding the symptoms" for more info. It's available on Amazon Kindle very inexpensive.

It's important to get this right because the thyroid meds don't work if the adrenals aren't functioning properly.


Thanks, I might consider it, I need to check mine out properly too but just too many things to pay out for at the mo :-)


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