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What Happens if I Take Levothyroxine with Adrenal Problems?

I made the Cortisol Saliva test and found out that I have some problems with my Adrenal Gland (Too much cortisol and suppressed DHEA). I am also taking Levothyroxine 150mg due to Thyroidectomy in 2000. How does that work and shall I stop taking Levothyroxine till I fix the problem of the Adrenal Gland? Can I have some help on the subject?

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You have no thyroid so you must continue taking Levothyroxine.

I believe it is adrenal insufficiency which should be treated before Levothyroxine treatment commences, not high cortisol and low DHEA.

I suggest you write a new post asking how to deal with high cortisol and low DHEA. It may help if you post the results and ranges.

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If you do not have a thyroid, you have to take your thyroid medicine everyday. That is not an option.


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