Now Foods Thyroid Energy supplement


Have anyone tried the Now Foods Thyroid Energy supplement?

It has very good reviews, so it would be very interesting if someone already tried it and could share their experiences.

( I am undiagnosed so far but with low thyroid symptoms which are getting worse. My diet is gluten free, diary free (mostly), no alcohol, no caffeine and limited sugar, so my diet is good. I take a good vitamin supplement, biotion and probiotics, but this doesn't solve much of the symptoms. Actually they are becoming worse. So I'm looking into other options.)


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  • Three good reviews, one doubtful and one on the dangers of folic acid over methylfolate. Not a resounding success!

    It contains too much iodine - which you don't want - copper, which you probably don't want - and not enough of anything else to do anything.

    These multi things are always a big con! Don't waste your money on them. Get tested for stuff, and find out what you really need. Too much of anything is bad. And too much iodine is dangerous.

  • Quite a few of the five star reviews don't actually look very convincing. Like:

    Great support, natural!

    Maybe read the description:

    Persons with thyroid disorders or those taking warfarin, thyroid medications, L-dopa, SNRIs, MAO inhibitors, or other mood altering medications should seek the advice of a physician before consuming this product.

    That list covers quite a few people here, and quite a few of the reviews clearly say that people are taking with thyroid hormone medications. Makes it very difficult to separate out what is happening and why.

  • 12314,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Now Foods Thyroid Energy supplement sounds good as a try, before medicating thyroid hormone replacement becomes necessary.

    However, once medicating thyroid hormone replacement this supplement should become redundant due to the incorporated Iodine and Tyrosine which may encourage over activity and skew thyroid hormone test results.

    Also, be aware that supplementing biotin may show falsely elevated or suppressed TSH in biotin-streptavidin affinity-based assays .

    Post any recent thyroid hormone test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

  • Thank you ! I have already ordered it, but not sure about using it if people say it can be dangerous.

    I have just posted my TSH results here, thanks :-)

  • Could you. Intact them as say you want to cancel as been told it must not be taken with thyroid meds so wouldxbe dangerous for you to take it.

  • Thought I would give a small update! I have received the supplement and have used it now for only 5 days. It has definitely made a big change on those days, the best improvements being : my energy is back, and my mood is great. Also Im not as cold anymore, teeth bleeding has almost stopped, My skin has improved (almost all the ezchema is gone), face looking more plumped, and a great change is that the joint stiffness is gone!! It seems like my metabolism is working again, So hopefully that means Ill lose some weight as well. Can just say that it looks promising . I use half a dose of normal dose, so take one instead of two a day.

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