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T3 gene test and help sourcing T3

I recently asked for advice following Blue Horizon test results which I'd had done as I thought my gp was going to tell me he could no longer prescribe T3. He was. I also paid to have a DIO2 gene test as I knew I wasn't converting T4 to T3 adequately. The gene test proved that I wasn't and my gp and hospital endo are happy for me to continue on it. Very pleased! However, my surgery has a strict four week policy on repeat prescriptions and I'd like to have some extra in case I want to go away at short notice. I have only a few days worth at the end of each 28 period and I worry about being around to collect it. I'd be grateful if someone could message me with reliable sources so that I could buy a few months worth and relax!

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4 weeks really??? I understand on pain meds and other things but not stuff for a lifelong condition - have you checked the same rules apply to thyroid meds - that's a lot of hassle for no reason for them, for you and pharmacy.I always get three months worth of T3.

Not wanting to teach underhanded tactics or anything lol but you could always say you lost your bag/stolen or something after picking up next lot and then get another months worth to replace which at least would always keep you one month ahead. However, remember not to keep the spare bottle in the back of the cupboard only to find they've expired in the meantime when you need them so always take in the order you get them :-)


I know! I've asked them about it and they've said that that's their policy and whenever I need my next script early to just let them know! The thought of 'losing' a bottle had crossed my mind but I thought I'd try to see if someone would message me with a safe source as a one off.


When I first decided I had to stick with the one brand of Levo I had the same worries as you so I asked the pharmacist which brand was easiest to get and we decided on Marcury Pharma. The pharmacist then said she knew I could only get a repeat every 4 weeks but she said I needed to get a month in hand in case they had a problem sourcing. So she suggested I didn't wait till it was bang on 28 days before I ordered again but to slip in the request a few days early which I did. I started off with 27/26 and sometimes did 28 hoping it wouldn't look like I was 'cheating' I think I eventually got 6 extra weeks under my belt as a stock but as been mentioned above always use them in order, don't dash your extra in a different place and forget about it having a use by date.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. My surgery emails prescriptions directly to the pharmacist of choice every four weeks or I would follow your suggestion.

I had actually noticed how short the expiry date is on the liothyronine when I collect it. When people buy several months supply from abroad it must come with a long date on it.


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