Do I need a boost?

Hi, folks.

As some of you will know, I take Thyro-Gold. One 150mg cap per day. I take it in the morning. My last two blood test results have been great, however, come the afternoon, I start to slow down and feel I lack energy. The thing is; I don't want to take any more Thyro-Gold as a 'top up' - as I say, my numbers after 24 hours of abstinence are great and I don't really want to load up with extra T4. Do you think it might be sensible to get hold of some T3 and add in, say 6.25 mcg around lunchtime or early afternoon? I know I'll never feel perfect again, but if there was a way of optimising what I do have, that would be good. I'm not really in a position to rest as much as I probably need to...

Thanks, guys :-)

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I think that topping up with some t3 would certainly help. I am on t3 only but think that quite a lot of people on ndt do take extra t3 to help. It might suppress your tsh reading and put your t3 a bit over the range but if you feel good then it really doesn't matter. Before blood tests doctors just went with how the patient felt.

Jo xx

Hi, Jo. Many thanks for your advice. I think it may be necessary. Around 2.30pm today, I started to feel very tired. Could quite happily have gone for a snooze. Trouble was, I was still at work.

Stevie x

When I first went on to t3 only I split my doses and after lunch at work I needed to take more but couldn't always manage to. Eventually I upped my dose to 80mcg and took them at bedtime and am fine till the next dose. Hope that helps.

Jo xx

Hi, Stourie. Many thanks for your reply - it's always useful to know how others get on with their medicaments :-)

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