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Fed up with it

Hi everyone I'm a newbie. I am aged 61 in body but not in head, hypothyroid and also T2 diabetic - this fairly recent and putting on weight despite watching food due to T2. I am on 150mg of levothyroxine and a metformin tab, antidepressant and another for burning mouth syndrome, hell now it's written down its horrible. The thing is I never feel good, my arms and legs ache and sometimes it's as if they are made of lead and my walking gets slower and slower, my joints always ache and I sleep so much, today is a normal sort of day was up at 7 asleep again by 9, woke at 11 and asleep again 1 woke up at 4.30. I run out of steam so quickly. I always feel worn out. I'm off to docs on Tue but I've told them all this a number of time. I don't know my last test results apart from being told that my level were high so let's try reducing the Levo, I did this but could barely get up the stairs so upped them. Does anyone else feel like me? Is it the thyroid or the diabetes?

Thanks for reading


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Hi Julie_1

I don't know much about diabetes but your symptoms could very well be due to undermedication for your thyroid and possibly low nutrient levels. We need optimal levels of vitamins and minerals for thyroid hormone to work properly.

When you are at the surgery on Tuesday, ask for a copy of your latest thyroid test results. You don't need to ask the GP, ask the receptionist. You are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act and they can print them out for you although they may make a small charge for paper and ink. Make sure that the reference ranges are with the results, they re either in brackets or at the side eg

TSH: 2.5 (0.27-4.20)

When you have them, post a new question, include the results and ranges, and members will comment.

If you haven't already had them tested, ask for

Vit D




Thyroid Antibodies


Thank you, will do.

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Absolutely vital you always get copies of test results and start a file

Arrange blood draw for early morning and fasting and never never take your

Levo in the 24hrs before the blood draw

Request that







Vit d3

As they all need to be optimal and i bet they are nothing like it

It has been found that anti depressants may affect absorption of thyroid meds so it would be best to try and wean off them ...normally if hypothyroid is correctly treated your weight and T2 should resolve

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Metformin is known to slow down/prevent the uptake of B12 which in turn could be causing the mouth issues. do you know your level ? Check out the website below and scroll down for the signs and symptoms ....

You need a FULL blood count and an Iron Profile to get to the bottom of your fatigue - in addition to the testing suggested by others. I doubt your GP will be able to do them all but private home Testing Kits are available through Thyroid UK - see link below.

Please ask for help if you have more questions :-)


Thank you all for your advice, will let you know how I get on at docs and also get last Ttest results.


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