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feel so drained

no energy at all, im exhausted, really tired (like ive been drugged up) shortness of breath, it really zaps me walking up the stairs, my body feels like its being weighed down :( :( :( my body is saying hospital, but my head is saying give thyroxine a chance to get in my system properly

to top it off raging toothache which is causing pounding headache and paracetamol not helping, cant get seen until tuesday

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I'm sorry you're suffering so much Mandy I feel drained myself just now but I'm not in pain hope you feel better soon

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If you call 111, you can get an emergency dental appointment tomorrow in your local area which should at least help with the pain. You can normally get these appointments locally. There is also a walk in dental surgery near me you can just walk into and get treated which is open every day until 8pm incl bank holidays so have a check near you for something similar. At least it would be one less thing to deal with.


i called 111 and they said i need seeing within 5 days they gave me numbers of NHS dentists to call on tuesday

also just got home from hospital dr seems to think my bleeding and taking thyroid meds along with other meds is the cause of it as my blood pressure pulse and oxygen levels were all fine

i do feel better now so im thinking i was worrying and had an anxiety attack


Oh sorry, maybe it depends on which area you're in and mine's just a good area, I had just figured it would be the same in most places?


another paracetamol day

if it gets worse i will call again, there has to be something as they cant leave you in pain


Well. you have to state the pain is absolutely unbearable and pain killers not touching it to get the appointment so might depend on what you said to them? The dentists never question once your there as they happy to get the money for their time lol?


i did say paracetamol wasnt helping and she said to take ibuprofen but dr has advised not to touch them or asprin, i cant take any pain killers with caffeine in as too stimulating

i suppose it also depends who you are talking too


You probably have an infection in your tooth which is probably not helping the tiredness. Call 111 again and say pain is unbearable and painkillers not working as previous poster has said. Don't try to wait until Tuesday.


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