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I have been on carbimazole for 8 year . In December 2016 i was told i have autonomously fuctioning ADENOMA .In march i was given 25mci RAI....but was put back oncar 7days after RAI. Felt well but almost 3months after the thyroid hormones flared up. white blood cells are below normal....iam sick very sick but my Endo does not want me to take carb again.

What shall i do?

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Sorry you aren't feeling well and I'm sorry I have no experience with your problem but did you have some bloods done after your treatment that you can add to your post? That may help people to comment.

Thanks so much silverfox7

I was placed back on carbimazole 7days after RAI.

My thyroid hormones were with normsl 2 1/2monthes after RAI....and my End placed me on 5mg Carbimazole.

But 3days ago my thyroid flarred up again....values almost double the normal.

I teally dont. Know what yo do.

I will try and see my Endo within the week.

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