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Werewolves, vampires and Mrs Overall syndrome

In the past they used garlic to ward off vampires

Any cures for warding off Mrs Overall syndrome. Our TV is upstairs - we live in a bungalouse. Over the past few weeks - if I doze off in the evening mid knitting row - even briefly , I now transform into Mrs Overall and can't get out of the chair or down the stairs to bed without much racheting of joints - ooh's and aah's and general PAIN in every joint muscle etc.

My husband has decided it's Mrs Overall syndrome and has offered to provide a tray - supportive as ever.

Think its all to do with iron magneisumand Vit D - oh joy!

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< has offered to provide a tray>

I take it you already have the 'pinny' then? :D


spare pinny's always useful !


don't forget the coconut maccaroons,miss bab!!.


... and the "two soups"


my lil sis is sending me support stockings and a hair net - what a loving supportive family I have - bless them. Am practising with the soups - pretty great at spilling them


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