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Fancy analysing your gut biome?

uBiome are offering free kits. They are in the States and you have to pay postage to Europe, but still worth it in my opinion.

Order the single kit at and enter the code Radiolab3 when checking out.

I have no idea how long this offer will last for, and cannot vouch for the quality etc because I have only just ordered. But since I am pretty sure that my gut isn't entirely weed free I thought it would be interesting for $20 plus the postage back, of course.

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Thanks for your post. I couldn't see where to request a kit if you're not in the US. I selected International, entered my contact details and it said it's currently not available for your country but you will be notified when it is.


Okay no need to look into this Ruthie. It's easier to do this on a computer instead of a phone. No wonder I couldn't see how to order it. How strange. Thanks again.


Ruthi bargaintastic! As a matter of interest I checked the cost of using a UK company (£250) but you then have to factor in the cost of a consultation with one of their accredited health professionals for the results.

Have you finished your worm (?) cleansing?


The worm cleansing is never-ending! My TMJ is back, so I'm doing it again, only higher dose.

But the candida seems to be gone, probably because I don't eat sugar or carbs any more, so there's not much for it to eat. I will probably have another go just in case once my wiggly friends have been hit on the head.


Ruthi good news about the candida and well done on giving up sugar and carbs. I recently underwent colonic irrigation which showed candida, as my Lyme doctor suspected.

Will have a look through your old posts cos I know you've discussed all this before. Do keep posting about this topic, it's interesting.


I can't seem to find any information about what they will analyse. There's nothing like a sample report as far as I can tell.


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