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Symptoms experienced with Levels over 9

Hi! I just joined, so hope I'm doing this right! In October, my dr had upped my thyroid medicine from 21/1 grains to 3 grain. I went back for my checkup, and my blood test shows my level is over 9. I was wondering what symptoms any of you have experienced when your levels were this high? I've been having hot flashes ( I thought it was from menopause, but dr says this high level can cause it. My joints are achy, does anyone else feel this way? Thanks!

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Hi - what level is over 9? TSH? FT3? FT4?

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It depends which of the numbers is over 9. If it is your TSH then you are still under medicated. If it's your FT3 then you are overmedicated. Can you find out and post all three results if you have them - FT3, FT4 and TSH, with the lab ranges (sometimes written in brackets after the result). Otherwise some people take photos of their results (with your name and address not shown) and post them. That would helps a lot.


Just another comment loosely connected. I presume you were saying you have gone up from 2.5 grans to 3. My instruction I read when starting out was that once you have reached 2 grains to increase in quarters i.e. 0.25 grains as it's very easy to overshoot. I still went up too high doing the very small increase, it's easily done!


if you can get a copy of your lab results and post online , you will get a world of input and helpful information but without that it is hard to know what 9 was...your tsh, free t3 and free t4 levels would be helpful and to the side it will have the normal range reference on the blood test


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