Panicking a bit and trying to understand Osteopenia results??? How severe is this???

I just had a bone density or a DXA Axial test and I am trying to understand the results. I am pretty sure I have osteopenia so I am really freaking out. I have been athletic all my life,but now this!

I took the test as a preventative measure to reassure a Primary Care Physician that I was fine or so I thought. The whole issue came up about me suppressing my TSH eith T3 only meficine for my Hashimotos.

Now the results and how to reverse this ASAP???

AP Lumber Spine: T score -1.8, Z score -1.5 bone mineral density 0.846 g/cm2 L1-L4 eas measured.

Left Femoral Neck: T score -2.2, Z score -1.8, bone mineral density 0.608 g/cm2

Left Total Hip: T score -1.7, Z Score -1.5, bone density 0.735 g/cm2

How severe is this? I am only 42 years old.

Can rebounding really reverse this??

I am pretty shocked and bummed....🤤😭

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You might benefit from a course of a bisphosphonate drug which over about three years can increase bone density by up to 10%. A doctor can advise you better because there are better forms of the drug nowadays. However you shouldn't take it for a long time because the effects can reverse.

Being athletic is no guarantee of good bones as it depends on what sport you did as some sports aren't weight bearing e.g. cycling, swimming and others you need to keep weight very low e.g. long distance running. Other factors that effect bones are whether you have had regular periods and still have them, whether you have been vitamin D deficient and your family history.

Sex hormones in both women and men help to keep bone density up. If you didn't have regular periods and weren't put on the combined pill instead, or have reached menopause and aren't on HRT then your bone density is likely to be lower.

If you had untreated vitamin D or calcium deficiencies then your bone density can be lower. You need to ensure levels of both are optimal and stay there.

Regular weight bearing exercise e.g. walking, running, weight lifting, resistance training helps but mustn't be taken to extremes so no 100 miles training weeks.

If you have a family history of osteoporosis then again your bone density is likely to be lower. This is actually the most important factor and one you can do nothing to change, however doing the other things helps.

I've had osteopenia and reversed it but slipped back a little trying to sort out a good Vitamins D. I was put on a high dose of D3 on prescription for 12 weeks and then retested and put on a maintenance dose as I had improved a lot. So have they done a Vit D test and if so what are your results and what have they suggested? If your Vitamin D is low you need the booster dose to get it up there, a low dose will never help and also you need to take cofactors to help it work better-magnesium and also K2. K2 takes the. Allium out of your blood and puts in in our teeth and bones where it is needed. I didn't know this st first so I do t think many doctors do but my slightly over range. Alcuin has now dropped in the range and my mouth and gums are in much better condition. So ask your GP Ehay they suggest if you haven't already done that then let us know what hecsuggests then we can advise on that but don't worry at this stage it can be reversed.

Thank you all so much. The thing is my Vit D has or was in the higher range so I am puzzled. I also was running up to the last 3 yrs apprx. The only thing I haven't been doing is eating alot of milk products as I am lactose intolerant. I do cheat once awhile and have a yogurt or icecream but then I have stomach pains. I have just read up on egg shells and how they can help. I also plan on getting some jarrows bone up. Finally, I plan on running again and walking alot as I am off tp Europe for 2 months.

I am about to address the osteopenia problem, I have had it before I had a total thyroidectomy. I am only just learning about it but I thought that I would drink a glass of milk every day, stay on my Vit. D3 and I have just started Vit. K. I understand that you also need calcitonin (to move the calcium from your blood to your bones) but we get calcitonin from NDT so I will hope that that is sufficient. I will get these things checked via blood tests, then in a few weeks report back my progress if there is any. I will also look into Diogenes' bisphosphonate but I like to do things more "naturally" (i.e. drink milk) first.

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