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After 10 years, at last!

After 10 years, at last!

An emotional moment.

Yesterday I put on my combat boots, threw on a rucksack and walked the hills for four hours. I did this with some trepidation as until recently the fibro and joint aches were like grinding glass. The usual aftermath of a hill walk is days of ache mediated by handfuls of codydromol......... but not today.

So I can report that for me the ketogenic diet, iodine loading and live kefir (incidentally do pronounce it correctly as it is something rude in Arabic and Afrikaans if you get it wrong) yogurt have made a fundamental difference.

How long will this last? Well I am informed by Roderick that if I 'behave' it should be permanent. Ok there are still things that ache, I still am not 100% but the difference is outstanding. If I never progress beyond this i can easily live with it.

So thumbs up for once we have a happy tale.

Bottom line, think with your feet, find someone who knows what they are doing and do not except that old tired statement 'but your levels are in range'.


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Good for you, love the pic lol :-)

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Best wishes and congratulations on an uplifting achievement. 'In Range' is meaningless unless the patient is well and able to do 'normal' things without flagging.

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Congratulations! I understand the need to get your Boots On and get out walking ;)

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Swift and Bold :-)


Bet you felt great! Nice to have good news :)


Hi Old C so pleased you managed your hill walk. Iodine in food has obviously helped you.

I am still reading posts about taking iodine supplements in pills, suggesting that these are not safe, but it is satisfying to find the foods which can help your health. I have been taking

vitamin B12, from the states as vegansafe product is bioactive. I have had a series of infections

which seem to ignore the dollops of vitamin c and antioxidants down the hatch. I have also

had skin cancer a nasty sort which if not caught is terminal within weeks. It is a shame

that in many GP surgeries there are no warning pamphlets with pictures and symptoms.

It was a local chemist who had a circular card with images of skin cancer which made

me go to my chemist for a skin scan. This scan saved my life. I was referred to a local unit for

photoscan results which then resulted in an op, when I had been told I had sebaceous warts and not to worry. This is the unbelievable truth - you have to find out yourself what you think is wrong.

Well done you for your perseverance. I am pleased I can now walk because before Christmas I I could hardly walk, after the op on my leg.


Well done you🎉 I love walking - used to pound along the North Norfolk Coast every other week until I got Graves Disease. I remember how wonderful it felt to get my boots on and get back out there - took a couple of years then one day I just felt like I could do it and did.

You've taken the words out of my mouth, the phrase I hate most is 'you're within range'. Usually preceded by ' no you can't have (whatever it is you need or want doing) because ......'

Within the range means absolutely nothing. The range is so massively wide that not to be 'within' it somewhere means you will most likely be feeling very, very ill and being in it means nothing if you aren't at the right place for your body. One of my big grrrrs I'm afraid.

Here's to lots more lovely walks.


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