New Test Results

New Test Results

My Doctor increased my Thyroxin from 100 to 125mg 12 weeks ago, and told me to return and have further bloods done to see how things were progressing with my THS level( it was 4.58(0.27 -4.20).

Have had my blood test this week and my results are not optimal on THS 2.16(0.27-4.20). I asked for an increase in dose and I have been told ,I am in range so not willing to increase.

What I find odd is that she looked at the literature I took with me last time ref optimal dosing ( 1 0r below) and did not dismiss it out of hand.

She obviously thinks there is something wrong as she did a full blood count. I have just noticed the lab left off the Vit D.I have added results below if any body would care to comment.

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If you are still symptomatic I would reiterate the request for a dose increase and point out that 0.27-1.0 is also within range. FT4 17.9 is good but there is scope to raise it without taking it over range. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

Renal function, B12, folate and full blood count are all normal.

Thank you Clutter

I took all the suggested information with me last time and she was interested to see it .

What I forgot to add was.

Since my last test 12 weeks ago I have gone from 11st to 12 st.

I will go back with the 0.27- 1 is in range.

I am still feeling fatigued, aching, not sleeping, I could go on!


I forgot to mention that ferritin 96 is good. If vitD was sent away for analysis it can take 2-3 weeks so it may be worth checking whether the result has come in soon.


I will check in next 10 days

And thank you for your help

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