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Low cortisol

Hi my bloods came back with low cortisol and this would explain all of my symptoms I've been having from what I'm reading, I'm having an atch and synacthen test tomorrow morning.

My gp sent me for an unrelated MRI recently as I was having symptoms that she thought was neuro or thyroid - the MRI showed an incidental 6mm pineal cyst not thought to be causing symptoms (before I had blood tests)

Gp still thinks it's not related or causing symptoms which it may not be but when I go online it tells me pituitary tumor is the most common cause of low cortisol I have low blood pressure and body temp in last few years constant nausea and ibs pcos several cysts have now had hysto and ovaries removed had still birth due to worsening of all my symptoms 4 yrs ago fell down the stairs as had pins and needles and was dizzy midwife said I was ok but lost baby 2 weeks later and spent the week leading up to that feeling weird shivers down my legs at the top

Hopefully they are going to get to the bottom of it now

Tsh was reason I asked for referral 0.7 but t3t4 ok and tested negative for antibodies with blue medical last year when I paid privately

Any ideas what's going on? Thanks

Sorry! Brain fog- endo can feel a lump on my thyroid wants that scanned next week and abdomen

I've got constant lower back ache and neck problems also x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Catandco. Hopefully the investigations will throw light on what is happening.


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