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Raising NDT

Last night I raised my NDT 1/4 grain. I feel awful the next day, weak and feeble. The last time I raised I had to drop back for a couple of days and then split the dose for a couple of days to acclimatise. Just wondering if others have been affected the day after increase by hashi symptoms? I will do as last time and hope that today will pass. Slowly does it ☹️

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Hi S, I took my doses in three lots when I first started NDT last August. I am now on two doses. Raising for me has been difficult too (see previous posts of mine), as I have adrenal issues (now taking Ashwandha which is helping), high RT3 (I reduced the dose to 2 1/5 grains) and Hashi's (I am following the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), which is making a massive difference). Feeling weak and feeble could relate to any of these things. How are you feeling today? It is a very slow process.


Better today thanks. Hard to believe 1/4 can leave me floored. I am gluten free, and take ashwagandha amongst other things. Someone recently posted a link to a chart laying out symptoms of UAT against adrenals. I was ticking more adrenal boxes than UAT as well. I also read an admin posting that when you reach optimal meds your adrenals often settle. It's a complicated hit and miss learning curve for me but at least I am having my own input. How are you?


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