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thyroid issues

Hello thyroid friends maybe someone can help me with some information i am taking 125 mg of throxin but when i am tested no one mentions the t3 free or otherwise it is just the tsh and the t4 levels i feel my tablets are not working well anymore i feel very tired cant lose weight and ache all over my muscles cramp at night in the calves very painfully not sure if its related any info would be apreciated

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How are you taking your 125mcg of Levothyroxine?

Should be taken either :

Early morning on its own with just water and no other meds ONE hour before any food and drink.


Last thing at night on an empty stomach at least TWO hours after last food/drink.

Also have you asked GP for blood tests for Vitamin D, B12, Ferritin and Folate? If not please do asap. You may need prescribed supplements. (You may want to look up the symptoms of deficiency in these)

When you ask for your blood results always ask for details (numbers) including the normal ranges in brackets and write down and post on here. You could also call in to reception and ask for a print out. Mine charged 50p last week.




Highly likely that




Vit d3

Are below halfway in their ranges and this means the body cannot correctly utilise the levothyroxine T4 and convert it into the T3 which is what every single body cell needs to function


Yes it is related. What is your TSH? Should be under 2 but ideally under 1

If you're in the UK and have a bit of spare cash have a look at

Thyroid plus 11,12 & 15 are all really good comprehensive tests.

They'll test thyroid function, Folate, Ferritin,B12 and Vit D plus thyroid antibodies to test for Hashimotos. Highly recommend.

Post results on here then and we can advise.

You may be just undermedicated or not converting T4 to T3 adequately in which case you would need to add T3 or a lot of us have switched to NDT. (Natural Dessicated Thyroid.)


If you have high antibodies which is autoimmune and called Hashimoto's then like very many of us you may find gluten free diet significantly reduces symptoms.

Definitely need to check vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin too


Hi fellow friends i only knew to take my meds before food and drink 3 months ago no one ever said that so i took it with my coffee and had my breakfast when i found out i had a blood test before i changed my habits then after now my TSH is low so they have said 4 tblets one day 5 another alternate

will give my last readings

no one has ever said about the vitamins are they prescription only my doctors dont seem very well informed about this problem i have been taking thryoxin for 15 years

it was diagnosed when i had a bad outbreak of angioedema after 18 month of suffering with swelling and manic itching they decided to treat my thyroid when the dosage was good the angio stopped within 2 days angioedema is linked to the immune system too

the readings are before taking properly febuary: TSH0.34 T4 17.2

after taking properly they tsh was a bit lower but i dont have the readings

i will go to get them its like getting blood from a stone getting the information

when i went back in December last year it was TSH 3.36 T4 18.2 he then increased the dosage to 125 from 100mg albeit reluctantly as they measure all test on TSH 0.38-5.5

T4 10-25 as far as he was concerned they were ok but i had no energy at all cramp in legs at night really fatigued and tired putting wight on for no reason despite eating very little

bones hurting etc

i have never seen a specialist in this field live in Barnley s yorks

and just know the thyroxin is not working if i ask for these vitamins and they dont know anything much about this problem what do i do

i am very grateful and need to understand my problems better as they dont

many thanks to all of you


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If you ask your GP to test levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin. GP should be aware these can be affected by thyroid conditions.

If GP asks why you want these tests, this is NHS linked thyroid support group and advice is that these vitamins should be monitored

When you get the results make sure you get the actual figures and the ranges (figures in brackets)

You can write a new post with these results & members can advise if they need improving & how

If GP is unhelpful then you can get tests privately through Thyroid UK


hi SlowDragon

thankyou so much for all the help i am amazed at the depth of knowledge given on this site

last week i felt despair that i know something is wrong but dont know where to go or how to solve it and my doctor seems to get rattled when you challenge him just saying the levels are ok

my calves hurt so much at night i rarely get to sleep before 5am and i am sure it is tied in with the other symptoms

they swapped my levo last month from wockhardt to tevo and i am allergic to tevo could not stop scratching from head to foot after 10 days on tevo now having to struggle to get Wockhardt

i will go back to the doctors and let you know plus get a print out of my past readings (thats always hard work finding them out )

will get bakc to you when i have some readings

may gratitude to all the lovely people who have taken the trouble to help me

kind regards


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Masses of people on here have reacted very very badly to Teva

It has been recently reintroduced after being removed from market as unsuitable- looks like it still is

If you have not done so yet suggest you put in a yellow card

Generally we should really try to stick to one brand of Levo. For many of us we have found it essential & research shows brands are not interchangeable

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