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Free classes for twelve weeks and advice


I'm just posting this as may be national I'm unsure, and a good deal!

Phoned Leisure centre to enquire about yoga classes and they said they had a twelve week offer of free classes and attending one meeting weekly, - you get weighed in, measured, etc, bmi. given your calorie needs (had to adjust it myself re thyroid ) and nutricIan advice to a seemingly good level, e.g. Use coconut oil , butter better than hydrogenated margarines Portion sizes and balanced eating etc, been helpful for me although lost out on the aerobic classes fielding this way can swim, yoga Pilates etc

Hope it is of use for smeone out there, I'm in Cheshire xx

No need to reply

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Haha DIdnt mean National!!!! Bad day! Got impression it's UK


We can get prescription gym membership from go you get 16 weeks at a reduced price and can go twice a week. I'm waiting for a slot come available.

I did try Zumba which is good but I could not keep up and it frustrated me so took the fun out of it. I'm not very good at following routines and think the gym will suit me better. At least you get a kick start cheaper to see if you like it


Great! So you ask doc? - sounds daft maybe but I'm afraid to push myself right now, as much as I want to


Hi in my health board you get free gym membership for 12 weeks and then reduced rate for 12 months. Some areas also do slimming world classes for free for a set period of time. I got a referral due to my back pain not my weight though x




My local sports centre said I had to get a referral from my GP in order to qualify for this. I was wanting to use the toning tables which used to be available independently of gym membership.

However they have now changed their policy so need to have expensive gym membership to use the tables. This is a ridiculous situation. Toning tables were devised originally for people with mobility issues such as arthritis so they could do low impact exercise. Also brilliant for those of us who can't tolerate aerobic exercise.

So... a gym membership for me would be impossible because I can't utilise all the other gym equipment nor use the swimming baths which is also part of the gym membership package.

That means that I can only take up the 12 weeks of sessions for free but wouldn't be able to continue beyond that because of the price.

Perhaps I should contact the sports centre manager to explain my case and on behalf of others in a similar situation?

Anyway, the reasons I mention all of this is that although a great initiative, you are likely to need a referral (not a problem given health difficulties) and it may not be as straightforward as it seems.