Had my blood drawn this morning and the nurse said she feels the reference ranges are stupid :D

She commented about me having a thyroid test and said that she finds it's stupid people are not getting treatment even if they are in range as the ranges are ridiculous. She said that so many would benefit from thyroid replacement and asked how my results have been in the past. She said it's stupid to keep me waiting as I have had "bad" results despite my TSH not over the range but close to upper range.

Will see how my results are now... probably will see them online tonight if lucky.

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  • Hu Justiina

    I recently had a conversation with a nurse about my recent test results. Her initial reaction to what I said was obviously towing the line. Replying that the tests ranges were accurate for diagnosis and treatment. But after me showing I had a lot more insight into the issue - t3 should be tested, TSH is relatively useless except to assist initial diagnosis but should not be used for ongoing treatment. Neither the TSH or t4 level test actual tell you how much thyroxine, in the form of t3, is available at tissue leve, etc etc ... By the end I could see she was frustrated and angered on my behalf, repeatly saying "I can't say what I want to say !"

    At least yours isn't afraid to voice her opinions 👍

    Test today results later today ? Wow ! I booked a test yesterday, first appointment available just over 2 weeks away. Test results take on average 2 weeks. I asked how long the wait was to see a doctor, 2 & 1/2 weeks came the reply, and was asked to make that appointment when I had my blood test done. So pretty much 5 weeks from now to test results and doctor chat 😠

  • Next morning appointment would have been 28th on June! !! But I called then on Monday and asked them to squeeze me in as it's fast to draw blood from me. I was called in 9.00 and 9.03 was back at my car and bought a cup of coffee on my way !!!

    Over here the results update online asap someone has evaluated them. You sign on by online bank password as it works as your identification and get to see your results.

    Over here its commonly known the that laboratory technologist are more aware of thyroid issues as laboratories go by facts. Ie laboratory manual states that if patient's T4 drops significally it indicates changes in wellbeing as normally in one patient the variety of results is never reference range wide. It virtually never happen in healthy person.

  • Good luck Justiina!

  • Thanks !!! How are you doing btw?

  • Up and down. But better than before! Thanks for asking :)

  • It is like waiting to win a prize' i.e. you just miss out by having an 'in range' result just by a decimal point with no regard for symptoms. I think the nurse must be hypo herself.

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