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Novice questions


I sincerely hope to give you a break after this!

Is it ok to take levo at bedtime?

Is it the b12 you should take 4hours apart from levo?

I have thyroglobulin antibodies over range, as I have inflammation in hip, could this be related?

Has anyone got rid of antibodies naturally rather than with levo?

The peroxidane ones are halfway in range, What in essence does this actually mean besides hashi?

my Feb results don't show any antibodies funnily

Thanks x

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You can take Levo at bedtime as long as you follow the guidance of taking it on an empty stomach - in this case it would be 2-3 hours after last eating, and take with water only. Many members find bedtime dosing works better for them.

B12 can be two hours from Levo. Four hours away from Levo is for iron, Vit D, magnesium and calcium.

To reduce antibodies, supplementing with selenium and adopting a strict gluten free diet is supposed to help.

Antibodies fluctuate, so they can be at different levels of retested. There's not much point in retesting once you know you have them.

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Good answers from Seaside Susie do I won't reiterate.

In a past post I've listed the things that have helped me to get Hashis under control, others have added too. Might be worth having a look. You must be doing a lot of things right though not to have antibodies present now. Levo won't get rid of antibodies.

Re inflammation in hip, if I avoid the nightshades potato, tomato, hip pain is so much better. Potato being the worst culprit. Maybe worth stopping to see if it makes a difference.

Thyroid peroxidase (TPO), is an enzyme normally found in the thyroid gland, it plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones. A TPO test detects antibodies against TPO in the blood.

High levels of the enzyme can also indicate nonthyroid autoimmune-related conditions such as systematic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes or pernicious anaemia.

In Hashimotos or Graves' disease your immune system makes antibodies that mistakenly attack normal tissue so your thyroid gland gets attacked.

Gluten and Casein look like the thyroid gland to the body( molecular mimmickry) so in cases of leaky gut (most people with Hashis) when you digest gluten/Casein and it leaks into the bloodstream the T cells are sent to attack but then also mistakenly attack the thyroid too.

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Hi thanks. I'm confused. As I thought levo suppressed tsh which helps antibodies decrease? If you heal gut and keep diet kind can antibodies go?

Yes I've cut out nightshade family and peppers but have had tomatoes heated, seemingly it's not so bad

At least weight finally coming down even though tortoise pace ha. Mother of bride in sept!!! Xx


Oh congratulations!

IHeres a link to info on Hashimotos.

Antibodies will definitely come down some people go in to remission but lots will struggle with antibodies forever.

There's lots you can do, look at my previous posts, one called Things that help.

As your Feb bloods didn't show any, maybe you don't have Hashimotos, get them tested in a few months to be sure.

Do you have gut problems, bloating, exhaustion?


Hi thankyou for this k

I like that read, (it's more positive I do struggle with the Very negative and worrying comments because I'm over sensitive right now )

The NHS said No antibodies in Feb and this private test of last week shows some, the P one in the range and the T one a little out of range

Does everyone get this at some point, can they really go away again?

I've come out in a cold and sore throat today and no energy at all, I'm debating not working even though it's for 2 hours only! I have a need to keep pushing myself it's in my nature but not keeping on top at home right now

I want someone to say pull yourself together! it's the anxiety and fear symptoms I have that keep vamping it up! I guess if you have a partner it is helpful for this : )

My tsh is now 5

I'm taking half a 25 now, I cried a lot yesterday and amazed this tiny dose has made me depressed

I think when I know I'm not about to pop off il be fine haha. I have an active mind!! I go into myself a lot and it's such an effort to be bright for my clients etc

Haha I'm a libran and longing for some balance, equilibrium back into my life I haven't had it for years for one reason or another, or worse, because of THIS, I put the weight on in 2010!

Sorry to ramble it helps in some way xx

Have a good day!


Ps thanks again

Yes Ive lost a stone by healing gut and taking out wheat especially and almost all sugar

This site is pacific that you DO have a problem if tsh is over 2.5

But I am fatigued - but in fairness also my life has finally become easier since moving area last year, and I may also have this after effect thing when you can let go, having said this I e not functioned like I used to e.g. Housework and have felt no well being for a few years now


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