Time for the UK to wake up to chronic illnesses that cause thyroid and endocrine dysfunction

There are at least 150 symptoms of Lyme Disease including thyroid and endocrine dysfunction. The UK is still in the dark ages when it comes to recognition of this chronic illness as well as other chronic bacterial, viral and mycotoxin illnesses that are causing severe illness and even death in the UK. This series of lectures might help some in this country who suspect they may have Lyme Disease. Jane x


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Thank you as always Jane. I shall be tuning in once again, there were some good speakers last time.

Yes I have a lot of time for Scott Forsgren and we know quite a number of people who see Wayne Anderson. Both have a lot of knowledge and experience. I don't know about the others. Jane x

Speakers are new this time. In fact last time I bought the series which meant that I could read the talks via PDFs. My concentration is rubbish with anything that lasts more than 45 minutes!!

I can't remember if I sent you this link to an interview that Scott Forsgren did with Dr. Nathan. It's well worth a listen. Jane x


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