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Help with Cortisol Readings


Just received my results. Is someone able to help unpick them for me?

Cortisol Levels

Sample 1 : 9.08 ( 2.68-9.30)

Sample 2: 3.26 (0.75-2.93)

Sample 3: 1.41 (0.36-1.88)

Sample 4: 0.22 (=<0.94)

DHEA: Cortisol ratio 0.13 (0.05-0.32)

So, I am high mid morning (11am to 1pm) - Sample 2.

There's been an improvement as I was high for all 4 samples in September 2016.

I've been drinking a lot of Tulsi tea - I guess this is working.

Any recommendations for doing anything else? Do I need to support my adrenals with a cortex in your opinion? Dr P thought so after seeing my September results, but I'm not so sure it's needed now.

Would really appreciate your opinions.

Thanks as always to everyone on this wonderful site.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


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