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Advice needed

Hello a few months ago I started having a lot of symptoms that point me to hyper test was done and came back border line high another test was done and levels came back extremely high at this time I had not been on any medications however around three to four months prior I was on the mini pill as my partner was away volunteering. This month I saw an Endo who retested again and told me the levels were now back to normal but at this point I am back on my mini pill. I'm still having all the problems I was having when first diagnosed so can anyone shed some light on this could the pill be interfering with my results helping to control levels

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Welcome to our forum.

Do you have a recognised thyroid condition ? Are you medicating ? ? ...

Yes, the contraceptive pill can induce further complications if there is an undiagnosed//under treated thyroid issue because they all work together within the endocrine system.

With long term thyroid problems, many become oestrogen dominant. This can be an excess of oestrogen but also a deficiency in progesterone.

Taking a contraceptive pill even if progestogen-only, can cause further imbalances as will suppress our own body’s production of progesterone through a negative feedback loop mechanism..... similar to how the thyroid system works (think HPA/HPT axis' ).

If you post any test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) members will comment.


When I took my first two tests I wasn't on the pill and the first test was boarder line high and the second was very high

By the time I took my third tests I had been back on the mini pill for a few weeks and my levels came out as normal range could the pill have caused the levels to go down should I stop taking it before my next test


Not diagnosed not treated yet


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