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Anti-anxiety meds instead of beta blocker for Graves

Hi all,

Has anyone tried an anti-anxiety med like Xanax (generic name alprazolam in Canada) for the short-term until the Carb kicks in? I'm finding for the past two months my panic when standing in grocery lines, sitting on the subway, anywhere in public really is getting worse. My heart is not racing enough for the beta blocker and I really didn't like how I felt on it. Just wondering if a short-term anti-anxiety benzodiazepine would be a good option just to have less panic doing everyday tasks like getting a haircut or paying for groceries in a store! On day 5 of the carb so no lessening of symptoms yet.


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I'm sure there'll be someone to give you advice. My only comment is that I though anti anxiety meds also take time to fully work and it's not an instant fix. What has your dr said about your anxiety symptoms?


Hi ng74 these type of anxiety drugs take time to work 2 to 4 weeks before you start to feel any effects and they are addictive so it can be difficult to get off them once your on them and they make you feel pretty horrible when you first start taking them.i have been on these type of drugs in the past,and I wouldn't recommend them unless your desperate.

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