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have no idea what blood test they did that got a result that was "off the scale" which I was told at the hospital. I am now on levothyroxin beginners dose and lordy do I feel better. Why did it take so long? For years I've been treated for osteoarthritis, then Fybromyalgia once I had written down all my symptoms. I got really p***** off at ENT, when the consultant said that I was making myself tense which was causing my voice to be the way it was (almost non existent). I'm just so happy to be feeling so much better now, but still really tired. What is next? I'm not sure if I understand correctly what I've read on nhs choices. I freaked out just a little because I have suffered symptoms for so long (53 years young now) can't believe that I felt older than my parents 5 weeks ago👴👵😁 lol

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Welcome to our forum and it will be a learning experience for you as it has been for all our members. First I will give you a link re fibro and it may have been that if they tested thyroid hormones all those years ago and if your TSH wasn't 10, they'd diagnose you with something other than hypothyroidism. In other countries we're diagnosed with a TSH of 3+ but the UK are heartless in that people have to struggle on till TSH is 10 and even afterwards if GP/Endo is inept.

Nowadays doctors are so poorly trained that they believe a blood test is superior to the patient's clinical symptoms. So we have to read, learn and ask questions in order that symptoms are resolved.

Blood tests should be the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and allow 24 hours between your last dose and test and take it afterwards. This helps keep the TSH highest as doctors only look at the TSH and adjust willy nilly.

Always get a print-out for your own records with the ranges and post if you have a query.


Hi, I have an underactive thyroid diagnosed last year and it is amazing that this one thing has lots of symptoms and adding them all together makes sense. I'm happy for you that this has also done the trick for you and you are feeling soo much better. One of the great things for me has been the weight loss (nearly 2 stone since I started taking Levothyroxine, oh and the free prescriptions from now on.

You do need to get you vitamins checked out (D, B12, and ferritin and folate), as those are affected by thyroid issues. It's a standard check your doctor should be able to setup for you. If you are low on these then the symptoms will be similar especially the tiredness.

I'm low on all those and now supplementing D (following a course from the doctors), now on Iron supplements which my doctor has prescribed and said that should help with the tiredness and muscle ache that I still have. My B12 is also low but I'm sorting out one at a time.

Good luck on your road to well being :-)


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