Total Hysterectomy

I have started getting all the signs of increased hypothyroidism. Feel cold all the time and shaky, so tired I can hardly put one foot in front of the other, continuous mouth ulcers, my nails splitting all the time, feelings of emotion and dying, constipation memory problems and general aches and pains. I even had a dose of the flu in Feb and prior to that had nothing not even a cold for 12 years. I was just wondering whether having a total hysterectomy last year will not of helped. I have been taking 75mg of Thyroxin for over 15years now after breast cancer treatment.

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It sounds as though you may be under medicated. Can you post your recent thyroid results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results).

TSH was 2.4. This was done by an Endercrinologist in Spain but she never told me not to take my Thyroxin before the test.She tested for vitamins and minerals etc but not T3 and T4. She also recommended seeing my GP in 6months which was Sept. Depending on results to raise it by 25mg and test again in 3 month. On those results maybe to lower it and then test again in 3 months. I feel stupid as my home was flooded twice last year and two of my friends died. When I started getting these symptoms especially tiredness I was more worried that my breast cancer returned and so he made me an appt this Mon for the oncologist to reassure me. However on finding my Endercrinologist report I have now booked an appt with the Dr to show him and to do a blood test. This time I will not take my Thyroxin first!


My condolences on the loss of your friends.

You were under medicated to have TSH 2.4 while taking Levothyroxine. The goal of Levothyroxine is to restore the patient to euthyroid status. For most patients that will be when TSH is 1.0 or lower with FT4 in the upper range. FT4 needs to be in the upper range in order that sufficient T3 is converted. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

I'm sorry you are not feeling so good at present and I think it's time your doctor gave you a Full Thyroid Function Test, including TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3.

The test should be the very earliest appointment, fasting (you can drink water) and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose and the test and take them afterwards.

Get a print-out and post results for comments.

Many women who have hypothyroidism which isn't optimally treated may have had hysterctomies, some unnecessarily so if poorly treated. However, I don't think the hysterectomy itself would caused hypo symptoms. I think your dose may be too low, unchanged over 15 years, so you definitely are entitled to a full thyroid function test. The NHS may not do so as they believe TSH can reveal all and the basic they do is TSH and T4, neither can give us full picture of your thyroid hormones.

If GP or lab wont do them, you can get a private test from our recommended labs.

Medicheck have a Special Offer every Thursday but don't know what they consist of.

I am sorry you also had breast cancer to contend with as well.

Unfortually I live in Spain. However I have seen a private clinic that might help me. I saw an Endercrinologist a year ago she did my TSH was 2.4 ( she did vitamin tests but not my T3 or T4) and her recommendation was to test in 6months and depending on results to up my Thyroxin by 25mg and to test again in 3 months and to lower if necessary, repeating the blood test again in 3months. However she never told me not to take my Thyroxin tablet before the blood test. Also because my home was flooded and two friends died I missed the blood test in Sept. It was only after seeing the Dr last week very emotional as I thought my problem with all the tiredness etc was the breast cancer returning not a problem with my Thyroid. He just referred me straight to the Oncologist to reassure me, the appt is Monday afternoon but I am seeing my GP again in the morning to show him the Endercrinologist report. Feel ridiculous as I should of known. When I have bloods taken next I will not take my Thyroxin and also starve.

Doctors are unaware about fasting before a thyroid test. With the anxiousness/distress caused by two friends dying and your flooded home would make you feel very much more unwell, never mind dealing with hypo as well.

You don't need to starve if you have the earliest possible appointment. :)

Thanks for your reply. From what you've have just said plus all I've read on Thyroid UK. I am so shocked that Drs don't have the first idea. All my symptoms are horrendous. Finding it more and more difficult to function. I even saw an Endercrinologist and I would of thought they would have done all the tests. If I don't get results on Monday I shall be hot footing to English Dr here who does appear to know all about this condition. My daughter is marrying in UK in 3 months and the way I feel at the moment I won't have the energy to walk her down the isle!

All doctors and Endocrinologists in the UK seem to be unaware that hypothyroidism is a whole body experience. Many also develop ovarian cysts plus heavy periods but all they look at is the TSH and maybe T4 but haven't a clue about what drives our body.

All over the world it would seem that ignorance is bliss with regard to knowing clinical symptoms, how to eradicate them and return people to an active, healthy life.

Make sure you have a 'good' doctor to consult as many have spent money and been so disappointed.

All of our 'good' doctors have since retired or forced to follow the guidelines. Just recently they've been told to stop prescribing T3 which has given countless members sleepless nights/days.

I do hope you feel better soon and that you can enjoy your daughter's wedding and the weather is kind as well. :)

Thank you. I will definately check this Dr out before parting with any money. Meanwhile I shall go to my GP with a translator on Monday and get a blood test as soon as possible, hopefully as the appt is early I will be able to get it done at the hospital the same morning.

This is a previous post I did and the doctor who wrote the article was an Adviser to Thyroiduk before his death.

Sorry not able to open the attachment. Any other way. I clicked on it just comes up with a search box!

It is an archived site so your security system may prevent it. However, I'll link you to the whole article and hopefully this will work.

Gerbils3433 if you put your thyroid history in your Profile, it means members can read your background, i.e. when diagnosed, hormone replacement, i.e. T4 or T4/T3.

As well as getting full tests for your thyroid, please get tests done for your iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Having low nutrients is very common and if we get levels up to optimal it makes us all feel so much better.

My Endercrinologist did do all those tests and as far as I can see and the only level she mentioned was vitamin D. I said as I was feeling tired after a dose of the flu I was taking Pharmaton and she said that was fine. I am aware that one should not take Pharmaton for more than three months with three months off. However in last few days I have learnt much more about taking my Thyroxin when and with what. I realise now that I have been doing it all wrong and that is why I am feeling so ill now. I was given absolutely no instructions whatsoever by my Dr. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet.

I'm certainly no expert but I had a total hysterectomy and it was only after this that my hypothyroidism was discovered. What I am saying is that I think gynae problems are associated with the thyroid as one of the thyroids many functions and therefore maybe you are looking at this the wrong way round. Your surgery hasn't made it worse but it's a symptom of a poorly functioning thyroid??

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