Does the dosage of levo go on your weight?

I am female and only weigh 8 stone 11 pounds im 32 and my height is 5 foot 7 inch, my weight is classed as normal and healthy for my height..

My endo is just trying to get my levels back to normal my tsh is over 100 at the minute but think this is due to not taking levo for 3 weeks.. (long story).

My endo has increased the levo to 75mcg for a furthur 6 weeks to see if my tsh comes down and said that he doesnt want to make my anxiety worse by increasing straight to 100mcg and also asked what my weight was?

does the levo dosage go on your weight?

I have always been slim throughout life, with a 5 pound increase when i used to drink wine lol.. but now i dont drink so the 5 pound has gone again..

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 9 years ago, i have always been told u put weight on with this illness and i hear so many say how they cannot lose weight and have gained lots of weight, curious to why i havent??

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Not everybody puts on weight - some people even lose it! Beware of people that tell you everyone does this or that, because everyone is different, even when they're hypo. :)

No, your dose is not set by your weight. With hormones, you always have to start low, and increase slowly. The normal starting dose is 50 mcg, but it can vary according to circumstances. And, then, you increase by 25 mcg every six weeks until you feel well, and all your symptoms are gone. And, there is no guessing at what that level might be. You might be fine on 100 mcg, or you might need 250 mcg, no matter what your weight. You just have to wait and see.

I think confusion creeps in because, when someone has a thyroidectomy, they are started on a dose, after the operation, that corresponds to their weight. But, that is just a starting dose, and will be adjusted afterwards. But, whatever the circumstances, increases and decreases should only be by 25 mcg, so good job your endo didn't put you straight up to 100! Although he appears to have done the right thing for the wrong reason...

So, don't let en endo tell you that you only need such and such a dose, because you only weigh such and such. You need what you need, and that's all there is too it. :)


Thyroid dose is adjusted according to thyroid levels not weight.

I've always had low weight and bmi and lost an unwelcome 7kg when I was switched from Liothyronine to Levothyroxine 3 months after thyroidectomy and it's taken 5 years to regain it.

There is a rough starting formula based on weight but only using the T4-only approach to therapy. The general guide is 1.6-1.9 ug T4 per kg. You are about 56-57 kg so a starting guide is around the 95-105 ug mark. This should be a good target but of course more fine tuning will be needed.

Doggies are dosed according to weight as they metabolise it differently. My dog is on 600 mcg daily - she is around 20 kilos 😊

Thank you everyone, thats cleared that one up then 😊

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