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I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid about 14 years ago and I am taking 150g of levothyroxine a day. Although I have a blood test every year , I have been on this dose for at least 10 years. I am finding that every few months I am suffering from aching limbs, fuzzy head, slight dizziness etc.

Does anyone else suffer from relapses?


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  • You need to request a new blood test. It should be the very earliest possible, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

    Ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 to be tested and B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

    Get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges and post for comments.

    (I am not medically qualified and have hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed/untreated).

  • Many thanks.

    I am awaiting the results of my annual check up this week.

  • Did you have a test as early as possible and fasting plus allow 24 hour gap between last dose and test? :)

  • No. As I was unaware of this at the time. I only found this very helpful group over the weekend.

  • Your results will probably be skewed as doctors are unaware of the pre-test we've found give us the best results.

  • If your doctor wont re-test and you feel symptomati it might be worth getting a private test from a recommended lab.

    If at any time you use private make sure you're well hydrated a couple of days before. :).

  • Hi. Can u explain the above to me please? I am having a test on Fri as since starting Teva I am symptomatic again 🙁

  • When you go for your blood test it should be early am and only have water and don't take your levo till after the test. It sounds like teva doesn't suit you and you should ask your gp for another prescription for the levo you were on before.

    Jo xx

  • Ok thanku Jo. No I don't think it does. Zoe 😊 xx

  • Sometimes its the fillers/binders so ask pharmacist what other levo he can offer you. He may need another prescription but am not sure.

  • You may be undermedicated, it would be helpful to see your results.

    I'd say there are no relapses as such as with us all the time. It's just so important to be on the right medication/dosage and have other hormones and vitamins optimal.

    Have you had B12, vitamin D, Folate & Ferritin tested? Could also answer some of your symptoms if low.

    Also ask for thyroid antibodies to be tested as important to check for Hashimotos as Auto Immune and very common.

  • Thank you, I have just had the normal blood test and am awaiting the results this week but I will find out about the others.

    Many thanks again.

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