Re Proposed T3 removal from Prescription

Anyone, in Leicester to write to Shadow Health Secretary. jon.ashworth,

I've just tried emailing as I've still not got a reply -since 1st Apr, from my local Con MP. Despite resending email on 11th and seeing her on 21st and being reassured it would be chased!

Not sure my email will get to jon as I'm not is his constituency, even though have put on it - in his capacity of SHS.


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6 Replies

  • Great posting today UrsaP 👍

    I'm afraid I'm in Manchester 🌂

  • Remember Mcr - wet!! lived there for some years...back in the day...

  • I think you can write to him at the DOH. I would cc him anyway and also Andy Burnham, Geoffrey Coburn, JeremybHunt, Theresa May remember it is coming up to the General Election so they will all be vying for votes.

    Maybe we could put placards up in our front gardens etc. Don't know if this is allowed or not though. Also e mail all the DIRECTORS OF PUBLIC HEALTH as well as The Chief Medical Officer for Health.

    It is all in the Public Interest and is a proactive measure to prevent further ill health and thus to save the NHS money.

    Treating this condition appropriately also saves people from taking short term and/or long term sickness absenteeism that costs the Nation a small fortune.

  • Too right delicious21 Sent email to local opposition mp's as well, as you say -will all be vying for votes and this might be an issue to bring up...

    Mind you had enough trouble finding right email for CMO! Don't forget to ask doH for consultation.

  • perhaps we can 'ask' MOH for England if he or she knows if it is permitted to put a placard up in our gardens.

  • If you do, make sure it cannot be mistaken for a political notice. Make no mention of any candidates or political parties.

    There are strict rules governing this. I have acted as an agent for a number of candidates up for election and opposing candidates can sometimes act in very peculiar ways.

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