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Next step in #T3Campaign!


The dossier of evidence requested in the Regret Debate led by Lord Hunt in respect of liothyronine has been worked on for many weeks by Thyroid UK, The Thyroid Trust, Improve Thyroid Treatment Campaign Group, Midlands Thyroid Support Group, British Thyroid Foundation, Thyroid Patient Advocacy and Thyroid Support Group Norfolk and the British Thyroid Association.

The dossier includes evidence that NHS England guidance is not being adhered to in the form of patient letters and other documents.

The BTA have said that, " looks like a powerful document." so we are very hopeful that this will be the beginning of change in respect of options for treatment for hypothyroidism.

The dossier has now been sent to the Lord O'Shaughnessy, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Health and Social Care).

It is embargoed for the time being but will be disseminated as soon as the embargo is over. We will keep you informed of progress.

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Thanks to everyone who has assisted in collating evidence etc for the Lords and you all must be completely exhausted by your efforts and need some relaxing time.

It will now be a 'wait and see' for sometime until all is investigated.

All members of this forum and sufferers elsewhere must be very happy indeed that something good has the possibility of changing attitudes that has come about due to the instant removal of T3.

Why is it embargoed?

I would guess that the important people who receive the report and who might be expected to reply to it want an opportunity to read it and decide on their response.

Putting an embargo on a report like this is to help the powers-that-be not to look like twits.

in reply to humanbean

Doesn’t always work though...

in reply to cwill

I agree!

in reply to trelemorele

It’s to give Lord O’Shaughnessy time to respond and for all the groups to decide who to send it to for full impact.

Thank you on behalf of all of us!

Abi x

Thanks to everyone involved at the sharp end, as well as to the general thyroid community which has provided input & feedback along the way. Well done all.

Thank you all...I hope Scotland is watching!

Thank you Lyn and all concerned 🥂


Thank You everyone

Once again we are indebted to all of you. Thank you!

Thank you Lyn and everyone involved.

thank you to everyone who helped us to get this far in the fight for T3.

What a relief to know that someone is fighting for us. Huge gratitude.

This is really exciting and promising

I’m really grateful for the work you are doing in fighting this battle, thank you

I'm really grateful too for all you have done. I've had a year of stress and ill health over all this so let's hope the outcome is good.

Thank you for posting this Lyn. It's been a privilege to be a part of the work on this dossier. shaws suggested we could perhaps relax for a while. Not for long though, as there's an awful lot more to do now!! UK thyroid patients deserve decent treatment, so let's hope this will see a big change. It's not for want of trying!

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Thank you to all you great people for setting up and working so hard on this campaign. Extremely grateful. Feels like a ray of sunshine in this awful situation.

Hoping and praying for a good outcome.

Many thanks every one for all the hard work you have all put in.

Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work.

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