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Underactive Thyroid ?

Can anyone help me I was diagnosed 11 weeks ago after an endoscopy with gastritis non erosive. I already suffer from IBS I have been taking Lansoprazole 30mg 1 daily and during the last two weeks I have gained 9lbs in weight. I am so bloated I look pregant.I have pain even when I drink a cup of tea. Dont have any appetite and have tried to follow gluten free for the last 11 weeks. I am quite depressed very tired and unable to concentrate and feel the cold.

I have just received my stool sample results this morning all ok.

I am going back to the Drs on Thursday I am anxious to resolve how I feel I would like to rule out thyroid. My eldest daughter has an underactive thyroid and my sister

Any help or advice would be appreciated

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Hey, there's a good chance you could have it x but you need to get your bloods checked! They say it's genetic so, you've said your already gluten free, this is good it's a step in the right way, have a look at the aip diet! A lot of people alongside with medication have saw a massive improvement in their symptoms! My mum has a lot of the symptoms and has been having them for years but her bloods are always normal but there's something in our family, my sister has lupus and I have this. Not sure if I have hashimotos as my doctor won't test for antibodies! 😒 Let us know how you get on at the doctors, hopefully it's the first step to feeling better xx


Thank you so much I will let you know how I get on I havent heard of that diet but I am on it now. x


It's tough going there are a lot of things to cut out but worthwhile if it works x


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