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Pinprick test diagnosis


I have been told by my GP that I am most likely hypo (well technically I told him, after doing my own research, but he agrees which is good!) The problem is, I need a blood test for diagnosis and treatment. I am highly needle phobic so I explained that this was going to be difficult!

My GP walked me down to the phlebotomist (my GP surgery is in a hospital) and tried everything to calm me down, but the phlebotomist had to stop because I was too distressed. They've asked me to come back another time, but I don't see how the situation will improve to be honest.

Does anyone have experience of using the Blue Horizon or Medichecks pinprick tests for diagnosis? I'd happily pay for them if i knew my GP would accept the results and give me medication!

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The finger prick tests actually involve you making a small piercing in your finger and collecting the blood in a small container. The blood is then analysed by an accredited lab. If you think you can do this there is no reason why your GP should not accept the results but you may want to check with him first.


I use both blue horizon and medichecks finger prick test's and they are really easy to use. Having said that it takes a while to get the technique right. My gp accepts the results no problem.


I am a complete woos when it comes to blood being taken and tried the finger prick test figuring at least I would be at home and not embarrassing myself in front of others. First time was tough still feeling faint etc but got the sample... eventually. By third time I was expert and no nerves at all 😃 all done in a couple of minutes. Follow all advise about being hydrated and get heart pumping and take your time first time... no pressure and no one to see if you talk to yourself and need a cold wet cloth on the back of your neck :p and it takes three hours to fill tiny vial cos you have to keep sitting down to stop from passing out (see, woos) For me now it is easy to do and I am still scared of blood taken any other way... okay terrified. Good luck x


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