Nerve issues

I am on 75 mc of levo. I am a diabetic. My diabetes has been very well controlled for last few years. However I am having neuropathic pains, specially in my feet. I desperately need to understand why. I have been gluten free for over two years, I am nearly dairy free, but. Have a sweet tooth. However I do try and manage to eat a little sugar, not a lot like I used to. I am on two srl net for in a day. Has anyone any suggestions

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  • The best thing would be to post your latest thyroid blood test results. A member can then advise as to whether your are under or over medicated.

  • Tsh level is 1.3

  • Your TSH seems fine but without Free T4, Free T3 and ideally thyroid antibodies, TG ab and TPO ab, it's not possible to say whether your thyroid is optimal.

    Thyroid antibodies identify if you have Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis.

  • What are you taking to control your diabetes?

    As you could have vitamin B12 issues as well.

  • B12 is good as taking spray. And two met for ins for diabetes

  • My neuropathic pain increases with carbohydrate intake and seems even worse with high fiber foods. It seems to be related to higher insulin levels not necessarily high glucose based on my glucometer readings. I'm on a low carb diet now and pain is very much reduced.

  • Thank you Kalicocat. That sounds like me too. Will experiment with different foods. I know chocolate gets to me immediately. That's very helpful. Take care

  • If you are type 2 diabetic you need to read Jason Fung, The Obesity Code and consider going very low carbohydrate. I am not diabetic, but went the whole hog, called a 'Ketogenic' diet and it has improved my thyroid symptoms and my carbohydrate intolerance.

    To be honest, even type 1 diabetics benefit from it.

  • Thank you Ruthi, I was about to consider that, mercola suggests ketogenic diet for diabetes too, but I did not consider the link because my diabetes has been controlled for years. It makes sense now. I am so glad I posted on here instead of wondering why it was happening. Of course I had all the tests done by neurologists, but nothing showed up, except me feeling like a time waster. Thank you so much. Take care

  • Go for it! Its not easy to start with - you have to turn your thinking about food upside down. And you have to deal with whatever carbohydrate and junk food addictions you have. But the rewards! Despite optimal medication on NDT I still had all sorts of symptoms that I/my doctor put down to advancing years. I now feel like I did 20 years ago, before my thyroid 'retired'. What a waste of life!!

    To tell you the truth, the worst part is being told that you'll die of heart disease/kidney disease/liver disease. NO, carbohydrates are not an essential part of the human diet. And in fact, until agriculture humans went long periods between short fruit and nut harvests eating nothing but leaves (not even that in some cultures), meat/fish/eggs and as much fat as they could get their mitts on!

    If you decide to give it a go drop me a line and I'll point you to some sane resources.

  • I am used to trying different things and I am committed to being healthy. I am gluten free, nearly dairy free, struggling with sugar, any advice from you will be great. Thank you very much. Take care

  • Boy, did I struggle with sugar! It had known about Candida for 25 years, but I thought diet was the only way, and it was quite frankly unrealistic. Then I found out there were herbal Candida cleanses and I bought one. Two weeks in I could say no to sugar for the first time in my 66 years!

  • I suffer with candida I am sure, been addicted to sugar since I was little and I am 66 now. Can you tell me which one please. Thank you

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